Maldivian Mooning

As I ran from my car, shielding my face from the rain and trying not to slip over on the frost that has recently settled on the ground, I couldn’t help but think of the wonderful summer I had and why I am really an island girl at heart!

One memory in particular was stuck in my head…and wasn’t leaving.


But why would you want this image to leave?

This is Huvahendoo, in the Maldives, and I can safely say it was just as good as it looks.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Lets start at the beginning, when we were loudly awaken by my very excited dad running round the house banging on everyones doors at 3am despite the countless alarms that were set. Usually getting woken up at this time in the morning would not be okay,  but for the Maldives, I made an exception.

We all piled into the car as mum repeatedly asked everyone if they’d packed their passports, tickets, toothbrushes and swimwear. Typical mum stuff.


Fast forward through a bit of airport rage, inflight meals and films, a bit of dozing off, and lots excitement to finally landing in Male, the capital of the Maldives. As we walked through the small, busy, old, and crazy airport full of locals trying to get chickens and other birds through airport security we were skeptical. Now if anyone has ever been to Male airport they will know what I mean. “Surely this manic, bizarre airport is just minutes from the beautiful tranquility that is the Maldives?”

But we were quickly ushered into a little bus and whisked off to an even smaller terminal into a cute little VIP room with massage beds, cakes and muffins, juices, and a huge window overlooking the seaplanes runway..or waterway?



We waited until it was our turn to get on the seaplane for the 25 minute flight to Lily Beach Resort & Spa and made our way down to the plane.




Not before we’d taken a few pictures…



We didn’t intend on the picture looking like an advert for some dodgy American reality show, promise!


If you’ve never been on a seaplane before, here is a picture of how up close and personal you get with your captains. There was 11 of us on the whole flight, including the two captains, and an air hostess and the flight was full. It can be a bit scary at first, especially when they give you headphones to block out the whirling of the propellors. But 25 minutes goes quickly and very soon you start seeing the beautiful, turqoiuse atolls that are so synonymous with the Maldives.


(Sorry about the picture quality, these were quickly snapped on my iPhone through a battered, salty window.)



And then suddenly we were there!


We landed close to the island near a little floating island of wood where a little boat was waiting to collect us to drive us to the beach.

We were greeted on the island by this chap who was playing some Maldivian song on his bongo’s, he also never stopped smiling 🙂


The rest of the day consisted of swimming, snorkelling, relaxing, and lots of eating and drinking..but that can be for another post as this one is getting rather long!

lucy jane

Catch ya later 😉

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Lucy Jane xo


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