Maldivian Mooning; Part 2

The last time I left you, we’d just touched down onto Huvahendoo. It just gets better from then on.



So we were led to reception by a string of beautiful of women to reception where we were given welcome drinks and a brief of the resort and island. The whole island is only 600 metres in length! And despite the resort being 80% full at the time, it was virtually empty, which is why it’s so exclusive. It’s like you’re on private island.

IMG_2111My boyfriend and I had a beach villa just next to my sisters and her (now) fiancé.


IMG_1059A beautiful soft, plush bed that you literally just sank into. A mini bar with bottles of wine, beer and soft drinks that was replenished twice daily. And the best part..overlooking this..

IMG_2128Couldn’t forget the bathroom though!

IMG_1065The bath was the best part, along with it being outside..made you feel real at one with nature, and as it was always warm, you never had to dash for a towel as you were freezing! I spent a lot of time in that jacuzzi bath though, sat reading my book with a glass of champagne beside  me. Perfect!


IMG_2136Once we’d settled in, had a little walk along the beach and found out Gary had Tori to marry him, we bundled into a buggy and took a short journey to the end of the island and onto the wooden pier to get to my parents villa.


IMG_2186Now we thought our villas were out of this world, but what my parents had was the creme dela creme! It was exactly like you see in pictures, sat on the water with a glass bottomed floor.

IMG_2153We popped open the fizz and toasted to Tori and Garys engagement, and to a brilliant holiday.


IMG_2219But it wasn’t long before we had to dive into the ocean and go snorkelling, the visibility in the sea was so clear, and the colours of the fish and colour were unbelievable.


IMG_2173Before we all dived into mum and dads own little dip pool to have another toast and watch the sunset.



sunset IMG_2347

Once the sun had set we all dashed back to our villa to shower and get ready for dinner tonight. When I say dinner I mean a huge, massive, enormous, buffet with live cooking stations, sushi, seafood, steak, cheese, a huge table of deserts, and whatever else you can imagine. Unfortunately I don’t really have any pictures of the food, I got too excited to just eat it all I forgot to take any. But there was full blown buffets like this everyday, morning, noon and night.

We all ate and drank our body weights in food before we retired to the beach bar to sit and have a few cocktails before bed.

IMG_2225 IMG_2226

Oh one last thing before I go. Every night at 9 pm, the staff feed the fish off the pier. Everyone gathered round excitedly as they threw in the first chunk of tuna. Before the bait had even skimmed the water, white tip reef sharks, huge tuna, and loads of other fish were leaping out of the water to fight for the food. It was a fish frenzy! There were even turtles swimming around the the bottom to catch in on the action.



IMG_2239It was a truly unbelievable experience that I will never forgot, and one that I went back to see every night we were there! However it was a little scary the next day when we ran into the ocean to go snorkelling and kayaking but it looks so different in the daylight. But thats for another post.

Hope you all enjoy this,

Love Lucy Jane xo

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