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After spending Christmas and New Year in Singapore, we jetted off back home to Phuket for a couple of days. Since graduating high school and moving back to the UK, going back to Phuket is always extremely nostalgic for me. It’s home. I can never wait to get there, and I never want to leave.

PhuketIf you’ve never been, maybe this will give you a little idea why.

PhuketWe stayed at The Rawai Palm Beach Resort, which was gorgeous.

IMG_4495 IMG_4501 IMG_4499Its on the south of the island, right opposite Rawai beach which and amazing seafood restaurants and always walking distance to our favourite bar!

IMG_4648 PhuketWe were only there 4 days and we had a lot to squeeze in. Dinner with friends, shopping, partying, beach, pool, eating..


Thai food is my favourite, so fresh, full of flavours and delicious…again it has a very homely taste for me.IMG_1059The hotel was beautiful. We got the pool view rooms because you got your own private dip pool which was actually part of the big pool..and just a few strokes from the swim up bar!

IMG_4504 IMG_4510IMG_4544 IMG_4516


Fresh prawns fried in garlic and black pepper!PhuketAnd mostly..spending as many nights as possible at The Sunshine Bar. Nestled in between all the other bars and restaurants along Rawai seafront is this crazy little bar. You walk in and are greeted by the most friendliest, funniest, most diverse group of staff you will ever come across, and they will promise you a wild night. The kind of wild if you remember coming home, you didn’t do Sunshine Bar properly!

IMG_4564When we lived here, we considered it our local bar and we were in there almost every week. Theres a pole in the middle of the bar which the staff  (and usually the other customers) will more than happily give you a boost up if you want to try ring the bell for a free ‘sunshine shot.’ They play a great mix of music and theres always a microphone or two being passes around if you fancy a sing. Theres hats, wigs, big glasses and other props for you to mess around with and the staff have their own dance moves to certain songs..Beyonce’s Single Ladies is always a crowd pleaser.





IMG_4590It is honestly the best night out I have ever had, every single time I go. I never leave without my stomach hurting from laughing, a bunch of great memories and pictures, a often a slightly sore head the next day.





IMG_1945If you ever visit Phuket, Sunshine Bar is the one thing I really recommend. Children are welcome and the staff are great with them..Just be warned sometimes things can get a little wild in there.

IMG_2820Let me know if you have been to Phuket!

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