Summer In The City

One morning in the beginning of May, I woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed, kissed my boyfriend good-bye and practically bounced my way into work for I was only going going to be there a mere two hours. That was just enough time to get in, make the girls a cuppa, catch up on last nights gossip and check a few emails. Then that was it, I was off back to Singapore!

IMG_6218I was going with my boyfriend this time, so I was even more excited than last time. Theres nothing more I love than sharing a bottle of wine before a flight and telling someone all the amazing places you’re going to take them when you arrive.

IMG_6346First stop was China Town.

IMG_6283An ethnic neighbourhood that never sleeps. No matter what time of day you visit, the streets are full of people frying up some noodles, offering you the latest gadget to hit the streets and theres a few cats wandering around in the mix too.IMG_6310 The place is a real mixture of authentic and modern. The modern being that almost every single shops will sell something minion related. Seriously.IMG_6295 The next few days were spent relaxing around the huge pool and getting some well needed R&R. Mum did an excellent job of looking after us, as always. She really is a diamond.

IMG_6331 IMG_6618 IMG_6576 IMG_6604 IMG_6769 IMG_6777 IMG_6805

IMG_6817When Dad was working through the days mum would take us exploring and for lots of food.

IMG_6693 IMG_6695IMG_6700This one particular restaurant I loved, they cooked up your food right in front of you on a huge hot plate and served it to you sizzling and steaming. IMG_6854IMG_6733 Bike rides along the sea and of course a quick pit stop to take some pictures with the super cars. They are everywhere in Singapore!IMG_6734 IMG_6736

Followed by a walk to Marina Bay Sands after the bike ride.IMG_6371Next up a trip to Koh Samui…Make sure you come back, I have an excellent restaurant recommendation.

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