Bar Ice

We had some old friends to meet, so we decided to meet at Bar Ice, the worlds only tropical -7° Ice Bar.IMG_6398 Vodka shots out of ice glasses! I had a vanilla one, they’re to die for.IMG_6409 IMG_6410 Thankfully it’s not all ice…otherwise I’d freeze to death, but there is another bar outside where you can all defrost.IMG_6428 And catch up. I haven’t seen Jess and Chelsea for over 4 years. So we had a lot to talk about. Find out who’s doing what, who’s been where, reminisced on old times and laughed till our tummies hurt.IMG_6486And of course drink lots of cocktails. I recommend the mojito and the deadly “Samui Island Ice Tea.” IMG_6490 Before we nipped back into Ice Bar to cool down.IMG_6495And have some fun…But this was nothing compared to what we came out to.IMG_6413I think everyone had one to many of the vodka shots! IMG_2761IMG_6499Before we knew it Ice Bar was calling last orders and turning down the music, so we all said our good byes and started calling down taxis, and headed home to get a good nights sleep. *You may notice I’m wearing two different outfits, these photos were on two different nights…I’m not that much of a drama queen. Honestly!*

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