1 Altitude, Singapore

I was sad to leave Thailand again, but it was back to Singapore to explore more of the sites.

We had heard lots about the rooftop bar in the One Raffles Place building – 1 Altitude so once we got back, we headed straight there.

We got into the lift and started the five minute journey all the way up to the 63rd floor. I got a little queasy as the lift has little glass windows every now and then so you can see out, but the view at the top was certainly worth it.IMG_6661 Well it isn’t the worlds highest al fresco bar for nothing!IMG_6663It absolutely towers over Marina Bay Sands.

We grabbed a drink and headed off to enjoy the view from every angle.IMG_6681 IMG_6668 IMG_6682 Dress – So comfy and cheap. Shoes are an old pair from New Look.IMG_6662We only managed to get half way around the bar because we kept stopping to gawp at the gorgeous view before the sun began to set.IMG_6658 I was pretending I was a queen watching over my kingdom!IMG_6670It was a little cloudy on the day we went –  but it made for a better sunset.IMG_6630Before we knew it the sun had disappeared over Malaysia, the tables and chairs started to glow different colours, and the music started to speed up ever so slightly.IMG_6640IMG_6644 IMG_6652Its such a gorgeous place, a great place to watch the sunset. There is a dress code and you usually have to book so make sure you call before to secure your slot.

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