Ahoy, Amsterdam!

“Some people think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.” – John Green. IMG_0431December the 4th is Mitch’s birthday and this year was his 21st, so it had to be a special one. I had been thinking for months about what to do. He didn’t want a party and was working the Friday and Saturday, so it was all very difficult. IMG_0377I had toyed with the idea of taking him away somewhere special, and then it came to me. Why not surprise him with a trip away to Amsterdam with both our families, as we are all very close. It took a lot of patience and organisation but it managed to work. IMG_0412On his actual birthday I told him that I was taking him away to Amsterdam, he was really excited but he didn’t know everyone else was coming yet. IMG_0414Sunday we all met at the airport and flew out early morning. The hotel I had booked for everyone was The Max Brown Hotel in the canal district. I would highly recommend it, the rooms were all very different, rustic and quirky, and the location was fantastic – literally a 2 minute walk from the city centre. Max_Brown_Hotel_Canal_District-Amsterdam-Double_room_superior-8-424214I love exploring new cities, and Amsterdam was one Mitch and I always fancied going to. It is an amazing place that is so relaxed (probably the weed) and has the greatest food everywhere you look (also probably because of the weed!) IMG_0419IMG_0400IMG_0406Our days there were spent roaming the streets, bars and pubs. Nipping in and out of shops and buying lots of cheese! IMG_0416The streets are so beautiful there, but it is so easy to get lost in between all the canals…Quite a few of us did. But if you get a chance and you love steak, visit a steakhouse called The Grasshopper. IMG_0396I was so happy my dad came all the way from Singapore for the weekend, it was a really nice touch.IMG_0422IMG_0425IMG_0387IMG_0440I got my waterfall coat from a small boutique online, they do not have a website…I wore my knee high leather Kurt Geiger boots and my black Balenciaga bag.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam, and what did you enjoy about it?


Lucy x

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