Universal Studios, Singapore

Today I woke up bright and early, jumped in the shower, threw on some comfortable clothes, woke everyone else up and ordered a taxi…It was time for Universal Studios.  IMG_6859Universal is situated on Sentosa Island. You can either get a cable car over or get a taxi which drives over to the island on the boardwalk. As it was really drizzly this morning, we opted for the taxi.IMG_6872When we pulled up I was absolutely, positively, squealing with excitement!USS-MapIMG_6945IMG_6878When you walked in, you walked straight onto Hollywood Boulevard…

Followed by Madagascar…See the parachuter hanging from the tree like in the movie?IMG_6881I think one of my favourite ‘worlds’ has to have been The Ancient World. My favourite ride which was Revenge of the Mummy was there and it was fantastic. The que can go on for about 2 hours but we were lucky with it being a miserable day, low season and we bought tickets that allowed you to get to the front of the que twice for each ride. IMG_6882IMG_6884New York was great too, there wasn’t many rides per say but it was really authentic!IMG_6949IMG_6947At the end of the day, we all lined the streets to watch the parade.

Marilyn came to say hello..IMG_6902So did…Some Hollywood dancers??IMG_6939IMG_6888The press made sure they were there, snapping away.IMG_6892IMG_6885IMG_6889The guys from Madagascar came along to join in on the fun.IMG_6921IMG_6924Chased by some dinosaurs that escaped from Jurassic ParkIMG_6912IMG_6933My favourite were Dragon and Donkey! IMG_6927IMG_6937

After the parade left, so did we and headed back home for a gorgeous meal. Beef Wellington and all the trimmings…IMG_6961IMG_6960IMG_6965IMG_6953

It was a fantastic day and I can’t wait to go back.

Let me know if you’ve been to a Universal Studios anywhere in the world and what you thought.

Love Lucy x


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  1. Last September we vacationed at Universal Studios: Florida in Orlando. It is my favorite theme resort to stay at. Thanks for sharing your Singapore adventure.

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