A Guide to Koh Samui

I have been meaning to write this post for ages and now I’ve finally gotten round to it.

I moved to Koh Samui when I was 9 years old and whilst it was difficult adjusting to the Thai style of life but once I did I have never gone back. Koh Samui is an amazing place to visit, from back packers, to models, to global superstars, they all love Samui and there is plenty of reasons why….

  1. Big Buddha 

I put Big Buddha as my number 1 place to visit in my  guide to Phuket, it is so important to see the cultural and religion when you visit somewhere new. Big Buddha in Samui is wonderful, my mum and I used to spend hours roaming around the temples. The views from the top of the Buddha are amazing and at the bottom there are loads of little shops and restaurants. The place is so peaceful and serene I definitely recommend you go.

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2. Na Muang Waterfall

If you want to go see the elephants in Samui, there is an elephant trekking place here also. We used to feed the elephants and the gorgeous little baby one then walk up to the waterfall and brave the cold fresh water. It is freezing but totally worth it once you’re in, you come out feeling so refreshed and clean. The waterfall is one of the very few places in Samui that is left untouched.

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3. A night in Fisherman’s Village 

Located in the centre of Bophut beach, Fisherman’s Village is a mixture of modern, upmarket restaurants and shops in the middle of old wooden Chinese shops/houses lit up by lanterns and fairy lights. If you go on the nights the market is on, the village is absolutely buzzing and the air is full of wonderful smells from the hawker stalls. It’s lovely just for a stroll down or you could make a night of it and go to one of the many restaurants (I recommend The Shack if you like steak) followed by Coco Tam’s; a great, fun beach bar. There’s bean bags on the beach, cabanas, swinging seats at the bars and the best cocktails ever served in little jam jars. There is often a fire show on in the early evening and a lively atmosphere.

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4. Boat Trip/ Angthong National Marine Park

I highly recommend you go on a boat trip. Whether you opt for a speed boat, catamaran or a old little long tail boat, you should admire Koh Samui from a distance and enjoy the warm blue ocean whilst you’re at it. Many speed boats will take you to the Angthong National Marine Park, I believe the marine park is made up of around 40 islands. So if you get the chance for a trip there it is more than worth it. The limestone rocks have been eroded into the most fascinating shapes giving the whole area a prehistoric feeling. Watch out for the pterodactyls soaring above!! 😉

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5. Coast Beach Club Sunday Brunch

If you love a good brunch, Coast is a great place to visit whilst in Samui. Situated right on Chaweng beach, it’s a fun, welcoming but very cool place to be. Every Sunday they do a 4 hour long brunch, and depending on which package you chose theres free flow cocktails, wines, beers, champagnes included. From steak to seafood, cheese plates to cheesecake you will end up having to be rolled down the beach to the sea to cool down after being here.

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Obviously you will make your on mind up on where you want to go, what you’d like to visit but it’s always nice to have a recommendation. Let me know if you’re going on have been to Koh Samui at all, I’d love to hear from you.

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Love Lucy x



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