Holiday Beauty Essentials 

There’s nothing nicer than being on holiday, and I find having a tan makes my beauty routine so much easier. Here’s a few of my beauty essentials when I’m on holiday…

1. Garnier BB Cream – £9.99

Lighter than foundation but covers up any imperfections. It’s moisturising and gives you a healthy glow too. Perfect for summer.

2. Marks & Spencer’s Multi-Purpose Dry Oil – £29.00

A dupe for Tom Ford Soleil Blanc, I love this oil. I cover myself in it on holiday and during the summer. I love to put this all over my legs, arms and chest and sometimes I use it as a highlighter on my face.

3. The Body Shop ‘The Sparkler’ – £14.00

I like to glow in summer! This is so cute, and makes you shimmer so much. It smells amazing too.

4. Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polish – £5.99I’m in Thailand at the minute and we booked the flight the day before we flew. I had no time to get my nails done but thankfully I had 2 shades of this nail polish. It’s like a DIY shellac and stays on so much longer than normal nail varnish. With the gel top coat it makes it shiny as if you have shellac on. They have a nice range of colours to chose from too.

5. Aussie 3 Miracle Oil – £9.99Salt water and chlorine can play havoc with your hair. I use this oil after I shower whilst my hairs still damp to keep it nourished. Also when my hair is dry and frizzy I use a few drops of oil and it helps add some moisture.

6. MAC Prep + Prime Fix + – £18.00I use this all year round but I actually take it with me to the beach or pool and spray my face to keep me cool and refresh my skin after being in the sun, or to refresh my makeup. It’s full of vitamins and minerals and very hydrating for your skin! They do travel sized bottles also which is perfect for flying.

Let me know if you have any holiday beauty essentials that I haven’t mentioned!

Thanks for reading,

Love Lucy x

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