Settling into a new area

I have moved 6 times in the last 4 years, the majority of those moves have been really big moves, a huge upheaval and mainly for Mitch’s job. We usually only find out a few weeks before and have little to no time to plan and just have to pack up and go. It is daunting and the first time I moved with Mitch I cried for days. When he was at work and I was trying to find a job, I felt so lost and lonely at home on my own. We moved last week from Middlesbrough to Kent and things were definitely much easier. 

It has helped that we are closer to Mitch’s family now, so we do have family fairly close, but it is important to be able to settle in on your own and as a couple.

Here are my tips to making a big move and settling in a new area as easy as possible…

  1. Pack well. Label everything. It’s made things so much easier for us knowing exactly what will be in a certain box or bag, it saves so much time and if you desperately need or want something you can just easily get it. Your job at the other end will be much less stressful because of it.
  2. Get up and out. The first time I moved and I didn’t have a job or anything, I made things worse for myself by sleeping in and not going out and getting to know the area. I was only 18 and was probably quite scared, this move I’ve been getting up early and getting out in the mornings, even if it is just to find a new walk with the dog or the little short cuts to town.
  3. I can’t tell you to get a dog or a pet, but having Rolo has made such a huge difference this move. When Mitch is out at work, I have him as company and he also gives me a reason to get out and explore. We also have already met people because of the dog.
  4. Exercise. The same with getting up and out, it makes you feel so much more positive. Whether that’s going for a jog through your new town, joining a running club or joining the gym, you’re bound to meet like-minded people doing so too.
  5. Home Comforts. Get what you love and what makes you feel at home unpacked as soon as you can. Mine was photos, candles and getting Mitch to sort the TV out as soon as possible so I could have Gossip Girl on repeat on Netflix whenever I could! If Blair and Serena cant make you feel at home then what can?
  6. Make friends with your neighbours. Lucky for us our new neighbours are very lovely and invited us round to share a bottle of wine the first weekend we arrived. Even if you are shy, you should accept the offer and go round to meet them. They will be able to tell you what’s going on in the area and will most likely introduce you to others in your street. Plus it’s always handy to be friendly with the neighbours when you start having parties and play music too loud haha!
  7. Make plans. Before I had left Middlesbrough I had already planned my next trip back to see my family and had already planned visits when friends and family were going to come to visit me. I am hugely family orientated so seeing and being around family is so important to me. It gives you something to look forward to, and for me it makes me want to get to know more about the area, nice restaurants, bars and things to do and see in the area to show people when they come to visit.
  8. Be positive. Relocating can be so exciting – you don’t have to move to the other side of the world for it to be an adventure. I consider myself lucky that we are able to move around and see different parts of England, it has given me a greater perspective of the country. And who doesn’t want to have friends all over?

Hopefully these tips will help you settle in your new area or make it less stressful and scary. If you have any specific things you do when you move please let me know as I’m sure we will be moving again!

Love Lucy x


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