NEMUA Brushes & Lashes 

The North East Makeup Academy or NEMUA is where I did my training to qualify as a professional makeup artist. I would highly recommend their courses to anyone! Lisa Devanny who owns the company and is also the head trainer is so talented, helpful and dedicated to every one of her students.

special effects makeup
Lisa showing the class how to create realistic burns
NEMUA have their own line of lashes and brushes, oh and the best beauty blender you’ll ever use! You can get their base blenders here, and they’re really really good.


Before I started my pro course, I purchased the NEMUA Pro 24 set of brushes, which as a set has a brush for everything you could possibly need. They come in a little soft brush roll, and each brush has a designated slot and there is a guide that tells you what brush number is used for…which is brilliant for beginners. These cost £79.99, which is great value a some companies charge about £40.00 for one single brush!
If you don’t want to commit to a full set or simply have no need for all those brushes, they have the NEMUA 12 which is basically a more condensed version of the NEMUA 24 and aimed more for everyday, personal use and not professional. These cost £49.99. 


The brushes are great quality, blend seamlessly and don’t leave little hairs all over your face. If you take care of them, they will last you a long time. Definitely recommend, I use mine ALL the time on clients and I think I’m going to buy the NEMUA 12 just for my own personal use. Also they’re currently offering a rose gold edition in both the NEMUA 12 and 24, which are now on sale so GO GO GO!


NEMUA have 8 different sets of lashes, all are cruelty free, mink strip lashes and they all can be worn up to 20 times, again if you take care of them.

I have tried them all and my personal favourites are the N17, N13 and N14 for when I’m doing a vintage look. They have a pair for every occasion, be it natural, bridal or full on glam and they also have a little guide on the website to help you pick out which lash style would suit you eye shape best.

N14 lashes on my sister Katie.
They all range between £8 – £9 but if do want to buy them in bulk they offer big discounts, or have a look on their ‘NEMUA Bundles’ page to see if there is a bundle of items you would like at a discounted price. They would all make brilliant gifts too, for the makeup lover in your life. 

makeup, lashes
N14 lashes on model Kayleigh Falcus
Have a look, I’m sure you’ll find something to suit you!

Love Lucy xxx

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