Holy Smokes…Prima Makeup

I got some pressed glitters from Prima Makeup agessss ago and have only really used them recently. Pressed glitters are great if you love using glitter but sometimes don’t because of the mess they can make and you don’t even need an adhesive.

Without flash
With flash

I got the Holy Smokes Set, which is £14.00. I also got one of their sparkling magnetic palette books because I couldn’t resist and you need a sparkly palette book to put all your sparkly glitters in don’t you? They’re £9.99 and will fit about 15 normal sized pans.

In natural light
Inside with flash
I hadn’t used pressed glitters before these so I’m not sure what the consistency and the sticking power should be like but I like these and when I have used them they have stayed on a whole night and hardly transfer.A little tip for getting glitter off, get some white tape and place it over where you have the glitter and it takes it right off.

Hot Chocolate, my favourite.
What are your thoughts on pressed glitters? Do you prefer them to loose glitter?

Love Lucy xx

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