July Beauty Favourites

Hey everyone,

Here's a little list and review of some of my favourite beauty products I have been using this month. Some of them are new products and some of them are products I have had for a while I have just found myself using more this month.

  1. First up is a lipstick – Half n Half from MAC (£16.50). I have been wearing this on a daily basis with the Spice lipliner from MAC (£13.00). Half n Half is what they call an amplified creme finish lipstick as opposed to matte or frosted, etc. My favourite MAC lipstick is Velvet Teddy, which is matte…but that can be very drying on your lips, Half n Half is a very similar colour to Velvet Teddy but it is creamy and more moisturising for your lips. I would definitely recommend this colour!


2. Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Salt Scrub – This is great is you like a proper good exfoliate. I use it when I'm in the bath, especially before holidays when I am going to be getting a tan. It's packed with dead sea cells and nourishing oils that work to make your skin feels sooo smooth and moisturised afterwards. Pay extra attention to your elbows, they'll thank you! For a 650g tub its £13.00.

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3. Soap & Co Mineral Peeling Gel – This is the weirdest, yet one of the greatest things I have ever used on my face. You need about 2 pumps of gel and then just rub it into your face and it literally brings off dead skin in your hands. It's a little disgusting, but it's like a little facial peel. Unfortunately you can't buy it online as they come in gift bundles I think but plenty of people are selling them on Ebay so go have a look…

4. Soap & Glory – 'No Clogs Allowed' deep pore cleansing mask.  I only got this the other day so I have only tried it once. Initially I liked the fact you only left it on for 5 minutes because I can get kind of bored and annoyed of masks I have to leave on for 15 minutes or more. Since I used it yesterday it's already calmed a few spots I had on my cheeks down. It seemed to have taken the redness out of some of the spots I had and I found my makeup went on so nicely this morning. It's £11.50 for 100ml and you only use a grape sized amount once a week so it's definitely cost effective!

And that's my favourite July beauty products! Hope you enjoyed reading.

Love Lucy x





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