Health & Fitness tips for getting back on track

I have always exercised, ate well and taken an interest in my health and fitness. If I don't exercise for a couple of days it annoys me and I start to feel really bloated and rubbish.

Due to Mitch's career, he is off the majority of May and June so that is when we have our holidays, take a break from our normal routine, which is when healthy eating and frequent exercise can take a back seat.


This year has been even worse, we've had a big move, my sisters wedding and just lots of celebrations in general.

Although Mitch has been back at training for a few weeks and is focusing on his fitness, I've had a bit of an extended summer. My jeans have been feeling a bit tight and my skin was looking a little dull and spotty so I decided it was time to get back on track…

  1. First step is to get rid of junk food and bad stuff, if it's in you will be more likely to eat it. Stock up on loads of fresh fruit and veg, eggs,  lean meats (chicken and fish) and in our house lots of sweet potatoes.IMG_4053.JPG
  2. Following on from the first step, cook from scratch. The simpler the better. This is what I have on an average day…


Breakfast: 2 poached eggs on a slice of wholemeal toast, half an avocado and some cherry tomatoes or a Herbalife meal replacement shake or porridge, fruit and yogurt.

Lunch: Chicken or tuna salad

Dinner: Chicken or fish, with either vegetables or salad again and sweet potato wedges.

Snacks: A banana/Herbalife protein bar


3.  Just start exercising. With moving and plans that were already made I haven't had the chance to sign up to the gym here yet. But I have been going for jogs around the river we live by, I also have some cardio and toning fitness DVDS which I have been putting on and doing when I can. Last week I bought some home dumbbells and ankle weights that I have been using and I would highly recommend some fitness DVD's. There as so many out there you are bound to find one to suit you. Or just search for some simple exercise routines to do on Youtube.

4.  Do it with someone else, whether that's your partner, friend, mum or sister, ask someone else if they want to start exercising and eating healthy with you. It's much easier with a friend as you can schedule in runs or exercise classes together and it's great motivation.IMG_55775. Make little changes, whether it's taking the stairs rather than the lift…I know it is cliche but every little thing will make a difference. If you can walk rather than drive, do it. Have 1 spoon of sugar rather than 2, have a square of chocolate rather than the whole bar. Swap white bread for brown and so on…IMG_75586. Lastly is make it fun…It can be hard to get back into fitness but rather than torturing yourself on the treadmill, do an exercise class with friends, like zumba or body pump. Rather than calling your friends to catch up, meet up with them and go for a walk and chat, it doesn't have to be boring!


Hope these tips will help you get back or get started in fitness. Let me know if you have any tips I should try.

Love Lucy x


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