Lazy Smokey Eyes…

A smokey eye can bring so much glamour and mystery to a look, but a lot of people shy away from doing a smokey eye because they're scared of the dark colours or simply don't know where to start.

A smokey eye doesn't have to be blacks and greys, I often use bronzey/ brown colours, purples are a good choice also, as long as its blended and smoked out well then it'll work.

Firstly you need to prep well. If you're doing quite heavy eye makeup the last thing you want is more it to be smudging or sliding off throughout the day or night.

I prime the whole of my eyelid with MAC Select Cover in shade NW15 up with a small flat concealer brush.


I don't put so much highlight on my brow bones or inner corners of my eyes when I'm doing a dark smokey eye as I think it can sometimes be too much of a contrast so I usually just dust over them with some skin coloured eyeshadow/powder. Then I will use a fluffy blending brush and colour Rule from MAC so that there is a softer warm base to the dark smoke.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 20.47.31


Next I go over that with a shimmery grey/silver colour. The Urban Decay Naked 1 Pallete is my all time favourite for shadows with shimmery. I would use the last colour in the set, Gunmetal. The fluffy side of the brush that comes with it works amazing for a smokey eye. Keep blending and blending, softly blending up and out. Add some of this colour to your lower lash line aswell, I like to use the same fluffy blending brush for the grey colour.



Now to go in with the black. Again you could go with a shimmery black like Creep from the Naked 1 pallete, but I would tend to opt for a matte black. I use a flat eyeshadow brush and pat the black onto the lid, I don't go right up to the crease, just below.


One I have done this I take a clean fluffy blending brush and blend the black up into the crease (focusing more on the outer corners – add more black/grey for a more dramatic look.) Make sure you line the lower lash line with the black from the outer corners to the middle. Don't go to close to the inner corner. Smudge it, blend it, do whatever you want.

Remember you can always add more product if you want a heavier look, so go in with a little colour at first. You can add liquid liner to the top lash line if youwish, depending on how confident you are or just add lashings and lashings of mascara!

Keep the rest of your makeup light and soft so that your eyes are the main feature.

Let me know what you'd like to see next!

Love Lucy x

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