Sunset Eyes

When I posted this look on Instagram I got quite a few comments from a lot of people saying how much they liked this look.

My sister absolutely loved this look and wanted me to do it on her so whilst she was visiting this weekend I did her eyes for her and thought I would do a step-by-step for you to read and follow if you'd like.

Okay so first up is eyebrows…Katie has great eyebrows anyway so I didn't do much with them, just fill them in in sparse areas so I don't like the blocked out brow look so prefer brows a bit more natural looking but still striking. I used the High Definition Eye&Brow 'Foxy' pallete.

Once you're happy with the brows, it's important to prime the eyelid, especially as you're using bright colours you want them to stand out. I used MAC Select Cover Up in NW15, as usual.

Then I started with the yellow colour from the Morphe 35B pallete. With a fluffy blending brush I used the yellow as I would a transition colour, blending all in the crease and slightly up towards the brow bone. Once happy with that I used the lighter orange colour (2) and went over the yellow but slightly further down.

Basically the aim is to go through the numbers, with each one going further down the lid to the lash line. Always go darker and deeper in the outer corner of the eye.

On Katie I used colour 9 all over the lower lash line and colour 10 on the lower outer corner.

You could use purples though too, I added liquid liner to the top of my lash line in my look. You will notice the look I did on myself was a little darker whereas on Katie is was a lot lighter and softer. Play around with it, it's supposed to be a fun look and I hope this has just given you a little inspiration. img_2409You could make the look more fun and dramatic with some false lashes or just a slick of mascara like Katie and I did.

Hope you like this look and have a good yourself.

Love Lucy x

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