My Pregnancy So Far…

I’m a few weeks into my 2nd trimester and mostly feeling good now. I have only been sick once or twice but I have felt very nauseous, almost constantly, for the last 6 weeks which has been awful. It is going now and only comes when I get hungry so I am always snacking to keep it at bay.

I keep wondering why I feel tired when I haven’t really done anything and getting annoyed with myself about it, then I remember why and that it’s totally normal and I need to be taking it more easy. As someone who was always active and usually goes to the gym 5-6 times a week that has proved to be a bit difficult but I am learning to listen to my body.

Instead of doing a tough spinning class or body pump class, I am going on long walks or light jogs instead. I am using light dumbbells and leg weights and alternating between upper body and lower body workouts throughout the week. I want to try to keep my body toned as well as fit and healthy without pushing myself too much and feeling exhausted.

I have a tiny little bump, which is more prominent in the evenings. Clothes are starting to get uncomfortable now but I can still fit into my normal clothes but I don’t think I’ll be fitting into my jeans much longer.

I swear my dog knows I’m pregnant. He never leaves me alone and always tries to lie and sleep on my tummy now or rest his head on it. It’s so cute!

Thank you for reading.

Love Lucy Jane xx

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