My Pregnancy Struggles

I am nearly 5 months pregnant now and it is still all feeling really surreal. I cant believe its only a week away until we find out the sex of our baby. I have a feeling it’s a girl and so do my mum and dad but who knows?!

I have started enjoying being pregnant a lot more now I have stopped feeling nauseous. I have much more energy and feel a lot brighter. However as the nausea and tiredness has gone away, a lot more other side effects have creeped up out of nowhere.

Mainly it’s how emotional I have been getting. Because of Mitch’s job I live over 5 hours away from my family. We try to meet up as often as possible, but everyone has their own lives and things going on so it’s not always possible. When I do visit them or they come here, I cry for hours after and get so upset. Although, I have even been crying over the X-Factor lately!! When will this stop?

Up until now I think I have been fairly balanced when it comes to mood swings (Mitch may say otherwise). But this past week I will admit that I have found myself snapping at him or getting worked up and stressed for no reason at all really, and then crying about it a few minutes later. It’s really bizarre how hormones can make you act.

Other than the usual aches and pains, sore back and swollen feet, physically I am feeling good. I am quite thankful for the cold weather now too because my body is like a little oven right now so I think I would feel so much more uncomfortable in the summer. Thankfully he or she will be born in the spring!

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love, Lucy Jane x

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