Coping with body changes in pregnancy

It is absolutely amazing what a woman’s body does whilst pregnant, to think I have a little human growing inside me, getting bigger each day is incredible. However, the changes you notice in your body can be hard to come to terms with.

As someone who has struggled with my body image in the past, feeling my stomach, hips, and well everything else really, grow slightly bigger and wider each day is proving a bit challenging. I know a lot of it is hormonal, some days I wake up and look in the mirror and feel great. Others I just feel bloated and like jelly, and I am not even that big yet.

I am trying to exercise as much as possible, without over doing it. Things are starting to get uncomfortable now though. I went spinning the other day and realised I couldn’t lean over the bike as my knees kept knocking into my belly. It did make me laugh a bit though. On top of exercise I am trying to maintain a heathy diet, although that is proving hard too when all I crave is chocolate, sweets and carbs…and it is Christmas time!

I use bio oil twice a day religiously, I have gone through so many bottles because I rub it into my belly, my hips, bum, upper thighs and chest. Anywhere thats getting bigger really. In the grand scale of things, a few stretch marks are no big deal, as long as my baby and I are healthy that’s all that matters, although I will try my hardest and keep up with exercise and the bio oil to try to prevent them.

I am trying to just enjoy the changes my body is going through and think of the beautiful little girl we will have at the end of it all. It is a difficult time with all the other side effects and crazy hormones as it is, so I think it is good to talk about things so that it doesn’t all get on top of you. I have loved hearing from other ladies, it is something that is really helping me through this little journey.

Thank you for reading,

Love Lucy xx

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