The Festive period with a baby bump

If you’re like me, then you’ll love nothing more than a Buck’s Fizz on Christmas morning or a mulled wine in the evenings, or 2 or 3…

But when you’re expecting, things are a little different. But I’ve compiled a list of all the reasons why and how I am going to make the most of this festive season.

1. No hangovers!! Whilst I may still spend most of the morning lounging in pajamas, I won’t be suffering awful headaches and groaning about what I did the night before.

2. Eating however much you please. I know the old saying of ‘eating for two’ doesn’t really go nowadays, but at Christmas you can eat all you want without feeling any guilt. Plus you’re saving loads of extra calories by not drinking!

3. Do what you want! As you’re pregnant, if you don’t feel up for something, you really don’t have to do it. Put on your comfiest pajamas and just chill in front of the tv rather than going out if you wish.

3. You can get away with not doing any of the boring jobs like washing up and other general house work haha. Put your feet up and relax instead 🙂

4. As much as I can’t wait for my baby girl to arrive, I am enjoy my last few months of peace and quiet and just doing what I want. Just think, next Christmas will be extra crazy!

5. Lastly my partner and I have already been enjoying talking about next year, and new traditions we will start to make with our little girl. It’s been so lovey thinking about how different but amazing next Christmas will be.

Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing Christmas with your loved ones, whether you’re pregnant or not!

Love Lucy xx

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