Mum-to-be Worries

As I am nearing my third and final trimester and getting bigger by the day, I can’t help but start to feel anxious about what’s to come.

I know it’s completely normal and just fear of the unknown but I can’t help but worry. Will I be a good enough Mum? Will we have everything ready? Will having a baby totally change mine and Mitch’s relationship? What will labour really be like?

All these thoughts and worries are natural, especially as a first time mum-to-be. Raging hormones and, if you’re anything like me, little to no sleep don’t help either. I find myself crying at the most ridiculous things, or shouting and snapping at Mitch for no good reason. It’s so hard when your hormones and emotions are all over the place, but I am trying to keep calm and not overthink or let the worries get to me. It’s no good for me or my baby, and definitely is not nice for my partner.

I am trying to read up as much as possible, especially about things I have no clue about. I find this calms me down as well as sitting and talking to Mitch. Chances are your partner is just as worried as you are. Talking to women with children and hearing about their experiences has been great, for me it puts things back into perspective. I am not the first women to be having a baby and I certainly won’t be the last, women were made to be mothers and have a natural mothering nature. Talking to my mum and Grandma makes me appreciate how lucky I am to be pregnant now, when there is so much more information and knowledge about pregnancy and newborns than there was when they were expecting.

Anyway, I’m going to leave it there before I go on for pages. No matter how much I worry and concerns I have, it doesn’t change the fact that this is the most magical and beautiful thing in the world and I am so excited to meet her and be her Mum.

If you’re expecting, let me know your worries and concerns or if you’ve been through it all feel free to give us expecting mums your words of wisdom.

Love L x

4 thoughts on “Mum-to-be Worries

  1. I’m from sweden, so my english isn’t the best but I am pregnant aswell (week 20) with my first child and… I’m so happy but at the same time so scared! How Will life change, Will me and my husband forget about our love for eachother… Will i ever be comfortable with my ”new” body and the new life with no sleep and no me-time. It feels better when I read that you hade similar thoughts. I Will do my best to stay positive! All my love to you.

    1. Congratulations! I’m sure you will take to motherhood perfectly, it’s all about balance but yes it’s scary. Thanks for commenting, take care of yourself and good luck xx

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