A Blood Thinner A Day…

If you follow me on Instagram (@lucyjmitchell) you may have seen that I attended an antenatal clinic at the hospital to discuss some recent blood tests I had and see if I needed to have daily blood thinning injections.

I have something called Protein S Deficiency which is basically means I have an increased risk of blood clotting. My levels of protein S are low and as your blood usually gets thicker during pregnancy, that can increase my risk of potentially having a blood clot.

My results came back and my levels were slightly low so as a precaution they have decided to put me on daily blood thinning injections from 28 weeks, till I give birth, and then for a further 6 weeks after I give birth! If you know me, you’ll know how much I absolutely hate needles, syringes and anything to do with injections. I’ve been known to pass out after having a blood test. It’s not the pain, I don’t even know what it is, I just cant stand the look of a syringe, but I have a feeling after having a daily injection for the next 20 weeks or so that may change.

img_7895-1It’s a great relief to know how much they’re taking such good care of me, but when the doctor first told me this morning that she wants me to have them I felt like crying. It is a little bit of a shame, just because it’s not something you want to do daily or something you want to worry about. I was also considering a water birth, or certainly using a birthing pool to help ease contractions as I have loved having a bath almost every night and it’s one of the things that eases my Braxton Hicks. However the doctor told me that they wouldn’t recommend that anymore, and a home birth is definitely out of the question (not that I was considering that anyway). As the day has gone on though I’ve realised it’s for the best and as long as they keep me and my baby safe and healthy for the rest of my pregnancy and during labour then that is the main thing.

img_7896As usual, my partner has been wonderful. So understanding and caring, and just kept telling me that it is worth it for the piece of mind and to prevent something bad happening. He has also promised me that if I want him to, he will do my injections for me every day.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly from here onwards. Please send me a message on Instagram or comment here if you have any questions, or if you’re experiencing something similar. I would love to hear from you. I start the injections in 2 weeks so I will keep you updated on how I’m getting on with them (Hopefully there will be no passing out haha.)

Thank you for reading.

Love L x

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