Goodbye 2nd Trimester!

I can’t believe I am almost into my third trimester! Not long to go now until our little girl will be here. The best part about this trimester has been feeling her kick, she kicks so much and they get stronger everyday. It gives me such reassurance every time I feel those kicks or movements, and makes me feel so much more at ease. It’s so lovely for your partner to feel and see too, Mitch often just sits with his hand on my tummy for a while whilst she’s kicking away.I have also loved just totally relaxing with a cup of tea and my pregnancy books. Because my body is going through so many changes, I’ve found it really appreciates when I just sit down and do nothing. Especially since I have been struggling getting to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time, I suppose it’s all good practice though for when she’s here!

On the other hand, this trimester has been quite challenging too. I’ve suffered really badly with dizziness, to the point I just have to lay down otherwise I worry I will fall or pass out. I have quite low blood pressure, which explains that. Another thing that’s been awful is back pain. I’ve found that standing up and just hanging my arms down as far as they can reach at the moment works and is a nice and seems to ease it off a little. I have also started experiencing Braxton Hicks, which is basically practice contractions and you’re body preparing for labour. Mine haven’t been too painful yet, its mainly been just a tightening and my stomach goes really hard. You can almost see the shape of my babies body when it goes hard, which is really strange. When this happens I just lie down and relax and it usually goes within a minute or so.I also found out I’d have to take daily blood thinning injections, you can read more about that in my post here.

I’m looking forward to this last trimester now, I hope it goes as quick as the last 2 have but I’ve been told it drags! I’m a bit of an emotional wreck at the minute, one minute I’m crying happy tears, super excited and feel so ready and prepared, the next I can be crying, stressing and worrying about everything and nothing. Hormones are a bitch…

Thanks for reading

Love, Lucy X

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