Window to the womb

I never realised you only had 2 scans throughout a healthy pregnancy. I just always assumed you’d have more? I especially didn’t realise how long it would feel between your 2nd scan at 20 weeks till you give birth. I loved having a scan, it made me feel much less worried and also makes you even more excited when you get to see your baby. So as a surprise, Mitch booked me a 4D scan so we could see her one more time before she’s born, and also get to see her features.look at her foot on her forehead! IWe went on Wednesday and were super excited to see our baby girl…however she had different ideas! She spent most of the time covering her face with her hands and turning away which was quite cute to see but meant we couldn’t get any good pictures to take away. So Window to the Womb booked us in for a free rescan today, which is something they do if they struggle to get some decent images. I think this is really good and so professional of them, and something you should check if you are thinking about booking in for a 4D scan near you. You never know how your baby will behave on the day and as you’re paying quite a lot of money for it, you want to ensure you can get some good pictures.

So today we went in for round 2. To be honest I was a little nervous incase we couldn’t get a clear picture again. But this time she was the perfect little angel and we got some great pictures. We even saw her yawn twice but didn’t manage to catch that as a still picture. We got so many good ones, we are really really happy with them and cant believe how much she looks like Mitch. We cant wait until she’s here now.

A little tip, today before I went in I shared a slice of cake with Mitch and had a hot chocolate. Apparently having something sweet can make your baby active and result in a better scan experience.

Window to the Womb have clinics all over the country you can attend and have various different packages you can chose from depending on what you want. You can see their website here and have a look at the different locations and packages. We went to the one in Maidstone and all the staff there were lovely and made you feel so welcome. The scan room was so peaceful and calming, there was nice music playing in the background, three huge TV screens and a large sofa so family and friends could attend with you if you wanted. I would highly recommend having a 4D scan if you can as it’s a really special thing to do with your partner before your little one comes.Thank you for reading. Let me know if theres any specific blog posts you’d like to see from me next.

Love Lucy x

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