Picking a Pram & Car Seat

Less than 8 weeks to go until my little girl is here! I can’t wait and one thing I’m really excited about is going for nice long walks with her this spring and summer.

We went pram shopping or ‘window shopping’ to be exact a couple of months ago, and had a rough idea of what we wanted. However after an hour or so of looking round, talking to the sales assistants and having a push of some different prams, we came away more confused and unsure than ever.

There are so many to chose from and so many different aspects to think about. After a lot of research, more trips to the shops and a very long, detailed chat and demonstration from a lovely sales assistant at Mother Care, we decided on the Egg Stroller and Pram.

I always loved the look of the Egg strollers, I like the chunkiness of the handles (which a lot of people don’t), and after testing a few different brands out, I loved how luxurious they look and how much more sturdy and secure it felt compared to others, whilst still being so smooth to push, light and compact. The front wheels lock so if you’re going to the beach (or if you’re having bad snow like now) or do a lot of walking over bumpy terrains it’s easy to push (great for us as we do lots of walking with the dog) and has a five-position handle adjustment so pretty much anyone who pushes it will find the right height for them. Sure it was a little heavier than others but I think that’s why I liked it and thought it felt safer when pushing it.

It is very similar to the iCandy, and it ended up being a toss up between the two but we chose the Egg, simply because the colour I liked in the iCandy (Butterscotch) was being discontinued and also, it couldn’t be made into a tandem pushchair just incase we were to have another in the future.


We decided to go for the ‘Grey Pewter’ colour with gun-metal mirrored frames, one because it’s very neutral and classy, we are also going for a lot of grey colours in the nursery and with other items, and another reason I liked this colour was because it is exclusive to MotherCare, so it’s not as common a colour as the others. As it is exclusive to them, it also comes with a matching nappy bag which is gorgeous and spacious. It clips on to the handle bars and hangs perfectly.


The stroller came with the nappy bag, foot muff, rain cover and sheepskin fur liner. I don’t think it always comes with these but we went when there was a promotion on so they were included, I THINK it is on for the rest of March so if you like the sound of that, pop down to your nearest Mothercare.

The carrycot comes separately and looks beautiful on the pushchair. It comes with a mattress so if you were going away overnight and didn’t want to take a travel cot they can sleep in that. The carry cot is only suitable till about 6 months, however it can be used again if you have a second baby and simply clips onto the bottom part of the pushchair to make it a tandem buggy, and the stroller/pushchair part of it clips in above it. Which obviously if you’re planning on having more than one, is a big factor to consider and a big plus.

Moving on to the car seat, this was one of the items I was most confused and unsure about. There is SO much to consider and it is extremely important. I got a lot of great responses from many of you on Instagram when I put up a question on my story, and the top two most recommended were the Maxi Cosi Pebble and the Cybex Cloud Q. The Cybex was instantly more attractive to me as it reclines completely flat when it clips onto the pram.


Living over 5 hours away from my family, travelling is a big thing and something we want to be as stress-free and worry-free as possible. I explained this to the lady in the shop and she suggested the Joie i-Level iSize Infant car seat. It’s suitable from birth to about 15 months, comes with an ISOFIX base, compatible with the pram we chose, and unlike the Cybex, reclines fully in the car as well as out of the car and in the pram. The idea that it would recline totally flat in the car is what sold us on this car seat. It means that she could lay flat in the car without us having to worry about her breathing, and when we did stop for breaks and some fresh air, if she was asleep there was no need to wake her to change her position. Obviously we will still stop often but it’s just less of a worry. It’s also really plush and comfortable and we picked the Ember colour which looks perfect attached to our stroller.

I am absolutely over the moon with what we chose and keep staring at them and imaging her in them. I am desperate to take the pram out for a push around town but think I would look a little strange if there wasn’t a baby in there…perhaps I can put my sausage dog in for now?

If you’re still unsure what you want, I would highly recommend going into a shop and speaking with someone, tell them about your lifestyle and what you want from your pram and car seat, they should be able to find you the best set up for you. We would not have been able to pick without speaking with someone. Hope you liked this post and it’s given you a little help with deciding what you might want.

Thank you for reading,

Love Lucy x

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  1. Hi can you tell me if that joie car seat fits all egg chassis. I checked the manufacture leaflet and it says that this car seat doesn’t fit egg strollers. Please let me know as I think is very nice car seat. Thank you

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