Baby’s Nursery Tips

With about 7 weeks to go I am going into full nesting mode and cleaning as much as possible (when I have the energy too haha). A lot of that is focusing on her room. I just keep getting random spurts of energy and getting up and doing odd little weird jobs, anyone else have this?

We have decided not to go for a set theme as we found it to be a bit too restricting, I originally loved the idea of having a Peter Rabbit nursery because I adore it but decided not to. We’ve gone fairly simple with a colour scheme of blush pinks, greys and whites, and fluffy little animals.

If you’re a new expecting Mum starting to set up your nursery soon, here are a few little tips/pointers that you may find handy…

  • Start early. I’m not saying the second you find out you’re pregnant, but a good few months before you’re due if possible. The amount of items we have ordered that have arrived faulty, or the wrong colour or with pieces missing – most baby furniture is flat packed – so it’s quite common there will be so screws or bolts missing from the package. When you have plenty of time, it’s less stressful organising redeliveries or exchanges, etc.
  • Think about the future. We bought a cotbed as opposed to a cot, it means that when she’s a bit older and starts trying to climb out of her cot, the sides can be taken off and a headboard and footboard attached so that it’ll be a ‘big girl bed’. It’s really practical and will save money in the long run!
  • Look for sets. I know most pieces of furniture come as a set nowadays, but I’m so glad we got a set rather than looking into different individual items. We got a 3 piece set which included the cotbed, wardrobe and changing unit with drawers underneath it. The changing part can be taken off for when she’s older so you just have a nice set of drawers. It’s made life so much easier knowing that everything is matching and we weren’t going out comparing colours of different units, and that we bought a great deal of the nursery furniture in one go. Mamas and Papas do loads of different 3 piece sets in a range of styles and prices.
  • Write a list. This goes for everything baby related, lists have been my saving grace. When you’re out shopping it’s so easy to forget what you need, especially when you need mountains of things for your new arrival. A list is a great way to stick to what you need and make sure you get everything, it’s really satisfying crossing something off too!
  • Get inspo. If you’re unsure what you want, look at accounts on Instagram or look through Pinterest. There’s loads of inspiration out there but if you still can’t make up your mind, I would always say less is more. Keep it simple and cute. Don’t go overboard and panic buy, remember it’s a baby and they’re not going to care how much things have cost or whether it’s the height of fashion. As long as they have your love, warmth, food, sleep and lots of cuddles they’re happy.
  • Enjoy! It’s easy to start panicking and stressing about everything you need, it can be an expensive and scary time but its also extremely exciting. Stick to your budget and think about what you really need, ask family and friends for help with ideas. Mums are a great help and will usually be really honest and tell you if you don’t need a certain item, or if you’ll only use it once or twice so don’t spend a fortune on it.
This is the furniture we chose, it’s the ‘Harrow 3 piece set’ from Mamas & Papas.

Hope those little tips have helped. Everyone has their own way of doing things though, and it can be annoying when people are constantly telling you how to do things. 

When we have completely finished the nursery and all the accessories I have ordered have arrived, I will do a post with pictures and links to where I got all the cute little things I ordered.

Love Lucy x

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