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Stationary, bespoke invitations and announcement cards are huge nowadays. I am already looking at gorgeous birth announcement cards for when my baby girl finally arrives. If you’re anything like me and quite specific about colours and detailing then I would highly recommend Basic Invite.

Basic Invite offer cards for almost every major life moment. That includes weddings, graduations, birth announcements, showers, christenings and many more. They’re also one of the few website that has an almost unlimited colour selection to choose from (over 180 in fact), which is great if you have a strict colour theme for an event or just want your cards to look just right. With over 40 different colours of envelopes to choose from you can also ensure it looks perfect from inside out.

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I know a lot of my followers are pregnant too and will be planning baby showers maybe? Have a look at all the different cards you can pick from here. There’s so many and they’re all so gorgeous. I think things like invites and cards make lovely keepsakes to show your little one when they’re old enough. So make sure you save one in a safe place.

After the baby shower comes the birth announcements! I adore their Foil collections. Foil is so in right now and you can pick from gold, silver or rose gold (perfect for spring time events). You can make your cards stand out even more by opting to have raised foil – how fancy!

I think this is my favourite foil birth announcement card, I can’t wait till my girl is born to get ours made, it’s so simple and elegant. If you’ve already had your baby they have 40% off all birth announcement cards, the offer is on till this Sunday so get shopping!

They have a fantastic range of senior graduation cards too, as I know grad season will soon be upon us. My little sister is graduating this summer so I know how much of a huge day it is for families. Whether you’re planning to host a party for a loved one who is graduating or want to let friends and family know that after years of hard work, ‘you did it!’ Basic Invite will definitely have a template to suit you and your needs.

Basic_Invite_Graduation_announcements_and_invitations_10Or if you want to thank people for attending, check out their thank you graduation cards. These are a really nice touch I think, its so common nowadays to just send texts or a Facebook message. But there is nothing nicer than receiving an actual card in the post, it’s much more personal.


The majority of their cards cost less than 60p per card, which is a bargain when you think about it. They also offer a custom sample, so you can see exactly what the card you designed looks like and the quality of the paper you chose. I love this because not many websites allow you to do this, and when you’re putting time and effort into creating bespoke cards, it’s important you’re happy with the outcome before you commit.

Basic Invite are offering 15% off now with code: 15FF51. Make this most of this whilst you can, check out their website and have a browse through to find what you’re after. I can’t wait to order my birth announcement cards in around 5 weeks time, providing she’s good and comes when she should!

Let me know if you’re thinking of ordering some stationary from Basic Invite and what you pick, I’d love to see and get some inspo for when I make mine next month!

Love Lucy x

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