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Group B Strep or GBS is a common natural bacteria infection found in 20-30% of women and men. 1 in 5 pregnant ladies can be a carrier of it in the birth canal, however as symptoms are rarely harmful to an adult it is very unlikely you would know you are a carrier. If you are and you don’t know, it can be passed on to your baby during labour.

If this happens, it can result in your baby getting conditions like sepsis or meningitis which can be life-threatening for them. GBS is also known to be a rare cause of uterine infection, urinary tract infection, preterm delivery, still births, maternal infections and late miscarriages. You can read more about it here…

Unfortunately in the UK, testing for GBS is not offered routinely by the NHS, unlike many other developed countries. Instead midwives and hospitals rely upon a ‘risk factor’ system to decide which newborns are more likely to be at risk, which I think is quite risky itself…

Don’t you think it would be so much easier though if you knew you were a carrier in advance? Thanks to Strepelle, you can. Strepelle is currently the most accurate home-to-laboratory GBS test. The process is super easy and quick, all you need to do is take two swab samples with the swabs provided in the kit, one vaginal and one rectal. Place them back in the collection tubes, fill out a quick form and send them off in the free post envelope that is also in the kit. It’s accurate from your 35th week of pregnancy and once the lab receive your samples, you should get your results back within 7 working days. I sent mine off the end of last week and I’m waiting to get my results via text. Fingers crossed they are not positive, but if they are, all I need to do is tell my midwife and antibiotics will be given to me through a IV drip during labour which will reduce to risk of it being passed to my baby. Either way, it will be a huge peace of mind knowing.

The test is available to buy for £39.99 from their website. If you will not be routinely tested for GBS by your midwife (chances are you wont by the NHS), I would highly recommend buying this and doing the test as soon as you are 35 weeks pregnant, the sooner you know the better. It is so worth it and such a small price to pay for the health of your baby. Make sure you let me know if you are going to get the test and do it, it’s important to raise awareness about this – it may help save a babies life!

Love Lucy x

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