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I’ve been really lucky my whole pregnancy that apart from my bump, I haven’t put much weight on anywhere else, despite the ridiculous amount of cakes and chocolate I’ve been eating. I’ve been able to wear my normal bras and it’s only recently I’ve thought about maternity bras. I did buy some very early on, but never wore them because I found them no more comfy and supportive than my normal bras and quite unflattering.

That was until I was asked to review Bravado Designs new maternity bra, and I have been living in it ever since! Bravado Designs are celebrating their 25th birthday this year, and in celebration of that they have relaunched their first ever maternity and nursing bra – The New! Original Nursing Bra.

The New! Original Nursing Bra features the brand’s signature style that mums have loved for the last 25 years, but has been been updated to include a comfortable, wide bottom band and flat smooth racer-back which gives it a real sporty look and adds extra support. It’s made from super soft, breathable cotton-modal fabric and is wire free. I usually don’t like wire free bras as I feel I don’t get enough support but this is really supportive without having a wire digging in. It’ll be brilliant for those first few weeks after birth too when everything is sore and sensitive and I’m still getting used to breastfeeding, the cup fully drops down as well for maximum skin-to-skin contact with your baby whilst feeding. I don’t know about you but I found that other nursing bras I have looked at and tried don’t drop down fully, so theres always a bit of bunched up material left which I imagine will get in your babies way.

This bra doesn’t have clasps and hooks so cannot be extended, even though it’s really stretchy I got it the next size up (back size only – so 36B instead of 34B) just incase and I don’t want anything too tight on at the moment, especially as everything is starting to swell. It fits perfectly and is really comfy – I’m wearing this all the time. It also comes with a full cup design for those with cup sizes DD-E/G for extra support. Check out the snow leopard colour this bra comes in as well, its gorgeous! This bra is £27.00 which is really affordable, especially for a stylish and comfortable bra.

I also got second bra which was the Body Silk Seamless Nursing bra. I got this in the colour Butterscotch and I love it. Again, it’s really soft and wire-free and is made from 4-way stretch fabric, has hooks and clasps so it’s very true to size. I felt like this bra gave me a bit more support than the other (only because it has padding and I like that, it can be removed if you don’t though) however I have been wearing the New! Original Nursing bra 24/7 at the minute I just want to be really comfy all the time. This Body Silk Seamless is £30.00 and comes in a range of different colours.

Both bras come with a bra conversion kit so they can be changed to a ‘normal’ bra when you’ve stopped nursing – I think this is absolutely genius and makes it so worth your money. A big thing that has put me off maternity things is that I didn’t really need them until the last couple of months in my pregnancy, and the thought of spending money on something I would literally wear for 1-2 months really put me off. However as these can be turned into a normal bra, I can wear them now, whilst feeding and after which would really sway me into buying a nursing bra.

The packaging is lovely too. They come in their own little box with the conversion kit inside.

If you are looking for some maternity and nursing bras I would definitely recommend Bravado Designs bras, I have been so happy with these two I have and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more from them if I needed.

Thanks for reading!

Love Lucy x

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