The Home Stretch

I’m 39 weeks pregnant! I have less than one week until I’m due but I’m hoping she comes some time this week. Especially now the sun is here, I’m really struggling with the heat and finding it’s just totally draining me…or at least it has today!

The last 2 weeks have been so nice, and exciting! Knowing that once you hit 37 weeks, baby is full term and could really come at anytime is nice to know. When I got to about 37 and a half weeks I got such a nesting instinct. I cleaned the house top to bottom, twice over. Most days since then I’ve just been keeping on top of things, so that it’s all nice and tidy for when I do go into labour. It’s also a good way to keep active, but easy to just sit down on the sofa when you get too tired.

I’ve also been doing lots of walking. My mum is down with me at the moment and we have been taking the dog out for 1-2 hour walks most days. I just go at my own pace and stop when I need to. I think the walking is helping to get baby going, I always get twinges when I walk or after. However the last couple of days I’ve struggled since it’s been so hot, so walks have been much shorter.

I’m still trying to do weights most days too. Gentle arm and leg exercises that don’t cause me to stretch or strain my stomach. I’m enjoying doing this as it’s making me feel much more energetic and feel better about myself. I feel like my whole body is ‘softening up’ as labour approaches so it’s nice to work my muscles and try to keep toned. Also lots of squats, because I heard it helps in labour!

The rest of my days are spent sitting in the sun, having little naps, eating regular and healthy meals, and bouncing on my birthing ball watching series. I’ve just gotten into The Crown on Netflix.

I am enjoying relaxing and not doing much, but I must admit I am finding it quite difficult to sit down and do nothing. I always feel like I should be doing something, even when I’m really tired I keep getting up to do something. Even though I’m always being told to relax and rest now. I have listened to this more the last day or so as I feel I am really running out of energy.

Fingers crossed she comes soon! What’s your favourite tip/ old wives tale to bring on labour?

Love Lucy x

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