The Waiting Game

I never ever thought I’d be overdue. I suppose no one does really but even my midwife didn’t think I’d make it to 40 weeks, and here I am…41 weeks tomorrow.

I never realised how frustrating it would be! And that’s annoying because the more frustrated and less relaxed you are, the less likely you will go into labour so I’ve been trying not to let it bother me.

I’ve been trying all of your suggestions. I’ve bathed in clary sage, eaten bucket loads of pineapple, eaten spicy food, walked mine and my dogs legs off and bounced all the air out of my birthing ball. I have had some twinges, pains and tightenings and often go to bed thinking tonight will be the night, however wake up the next morning still pregnant.

Before I became overdue, I used to wonder why it bothered people so much. It’s only an extra week or 2 so what’s the big difference after 9 months? Now I’m fully aware of why it can be so annoying! I’ve been so lucky I’ve rarely struggled physically, I haven’t put on much weight and been able to do pretty much everything I had before I was pregnant. But this last week I’ve started to feel like an old woman. I struggle to get up the stairs, struggle to sit and stand up and don’t even get me started on sleeping! I think it’s all the pressure I’m now feeling in my pelvis.

You spend 9 whole months with your mind set on one date and then before you know it that date has been and gone and you don’t know what to do with yourself. But it’s so important to try not to get uptight. It’s hard with all your raging hormones but it won’t do you any favours. My advice is to walk as much as possible, find a good series to watch in between your walks, spend as much time on your ball as possible as it gets baby into a good position and rest as much as you can.

If my baby doesn’t come naturally soon, I’ll be induced next week so in the long run it’s really not that much longer, but I’d love her to come before! The thought of how big she is getting now is slightly daunting but I’m confident it’ll all be fine, and she will come when she’s ready. I just can’t wait to meet her and I am so ready to be a mum now!

Let me know if you’re overdue and how you’re feeling.

Love Lucy x

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