Adjusting to life with a baby

Ava-Mae is 3 weeks old tomorrow and even though I can’t imagine life without her anymore, it’s still challenging adjusting to life with a newborn.

You have 9 months to prepare for it but when they come, it’s still such a shock to the system. Having a baby completely changes your life but in the best way possible.

Ava-Mae is generally very content and doesn’t really cry or whinge, however there have been a couple of days over the last 3 weeks where I have had no idea what to do or how to soothe her. Some days I can’t put her down without her crying, some days and nights she just will not sleep, sometimes I can’t fill her up, some days she has just cried for no reason and it’s made me feel like the worst Mum in the world. However I am slowly learning that this is normal, and it doesn’t mean I’m doing anything wrong.

I’ve been lucky that I’ve had a lot of help and support from my partner, family and friends since she’s been born. This has allowed me to still have some time for myself, have a relaxing bath, or an afternoon nap without worrying about Ava. Take all the help you can get, it’s important to still make time for yourself, it’ll keep you sane.

It’s also crazy how much stuff you need for such a little thing too, I still underestimate how much time you need to actually get out of the door with a baby, and how many times you need to run up the stairs to get something you forgot!

Babies take up so much of your time, and I am trying to make a conscious effort that Mitch and I still have time together, not that we’re going out and leaving her yet but just time to sit and relax together, watch a film or just talk whilst she sleeps. It’s so easy to forget about each as you’re so focused on your baby. When she’s a bit older, we will make an effort to go out on a date just us two every now and then. I think it helps to strengthen your partnership and helps you to work together better as parents.

We are slowly getting into a good routine together now though, as I am breastfeeding, Mitch will get up when I do in the night to wind her after and settle her back to sleep so that I am not doing it all,or get me a cup of tea and fill up my water. He often changes her in the night too if she needs it, which I really appreciate, especially as she is relying solely on me for feeds – which I am finding very tiring. We’re also both starting to adjust to functioning through the day after a bad nights sleep. Nap or just lay down and relax when you can, even half an hours rest makes all the difference.

All in all, I am absolutely loving motherhood and how my life has changed, and I cannot wait to see what’s to come!

Love Lucy x

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