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Ava-Mae is 6 weeks old on Saturday, I can’t believe how fast that time has gone by. I still find it strange that I am a mum, but I think I am getting into the rhythm of things more so now and Ava is getting into a little routine of her own – thankfully she knows the difference between night and day!

She is much more alert through the day now and is napping less and awake more through the days. She’s reacting to me and Mitch so much now, she’s giggling and smiling and even makes little noises when we are talking to her, like she’s trying to talk back – it’s adorable! As were getting into more of a routine, I am starting to realise how much I rely on certain items. Here’s a list of them below incase you’re interested…

  • Purflo Breathable Nest: I was so undecided on a sleepyhead, I’d heard brilliant things and bad things. Because of this I couldn’t justify the price of them when I’d heard bad reviews, but I wanted something that would cocoon her in her cot as she sleeps better when she’s more secure and snug. The purflo nest cost £60 and I couldn’t recommend it more, Ava sleeps in it every night and sleeps really well. It’s great for co-sleeping too cause theres no risk of you rolling. It’s suitable from birth and the cover is machine washable which is great.
  • Ewan The Dream Sheep: If you follow me on social media, you’ll know how much we love Ewan. When I put Ava down, she often stirs a little but Ewan always sorts that out and gets her back to sleep. He plays 4 different tunes that all mimic the sounds inside the womb and ultimately soothe your baby. He even sends me off to sleep!
  • Perfect Sounds for Baby Sleep Soundtrack: My cousin recommended this soundtrack to me, I downloaded it for free on Apple music. It’s loads of white noise tracks that calm your baby down, settle them and often send them to sleep. Our favourite is the third track called ‘Baby Sleep Waves.’
  • Babybjorn Baby Carrier Mini: I’ve put up a couple of posts about this on social media, but it’s great. Its so soft and brilliant for tiny newborns, it goes up to about a year so you’ll get your moneys worth from it. I use it for walks outside, when I’m pottering around the house and she wants to be held. As theres no fabric between baby and your chest, it’s good for skin to skin contact in the early days. Ava-Mae falls straight to sleep when I put her in this, babies love to be close to your chest so they can hear your heartbeat.
  • Motorola MBP36S Video Monitor:  I had loads of video monitor recommendations from people on Instagram and we decided on this one. I love this monitor, you can rotate the camera, zoom in and out, it has night vision, room temperature monitoring, a two-way communication system, and it also plays lullabies too. It’s great now she’s getting more structured naps and a night time routine, I can rest easy knowing I can see and hear everything she’s doing if she’s in a different room.
  • Angelcare Soft-Touch Bath Support: Ava-Mae really loves the bath, and has done since her first one. I think having this bath really helped, it’s really supportive and the material warms quickly to your baby’s body temperature and the water temperature unlike normal plastic baby baths. I love how your baby cannot slide down or end up slumped due to the mesh material, their whole body is supported which means you have 2 free hands to wash them. There’s also a level to show you where to fill the water up to.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the products we’re loving at the moment, do let me know what products you can’t live without.

Love Lucy x

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