Breastfeeding Update

So I recently uploaded a blog about how I’m breastfeeding Ava-Mae and how I was getting on. I got a really good response from it so I wanted to keep you updated on what’s happening.

Literally the day after I uploaded that original blog post, we ran into a a couple of small issues. The first issue being I have a very fast flow and overactive letdown which means my milk comes out very fast and forcefully. This was causing Ava-Mae to gorge and choke on my milk and then pull off and throw milk back up, unless I was lying flat with her feeding on top of me. Obviously I couldn’t lay flat in public so the choking and pulling off became an issue as I would panic to get her sat up right, whilst trying to keep myself covered up and also try to stop milk going everywhere! It wasn’t nice for either of us and made me really uptight and anxious about feeding when I couldn’t lie flat and had to be more discreet.

So I decided to try expressing so that I could bottle feed her my milk in public. I found expressing quite easy and managed to get a good amount of milk, however I found it made me so sore and made it painful for the next day or so when I was breastfeeding Ava, which again, isn’t right and wasn’t nice, considering I’ve never suffered with soreness and pain before I tried expressing. I also found that Ava-Mae was having a full bottle and still hungry, so I’d end up breastfeeding her again after that. I just used the Tommee Tippee closer to nature manual breast pump because I didn’t want to splash out on an electric one until I knew if it was something I would do properly. I’m so glad too because I haven’t continued..

So after one whole night and day of what seemed like her constantly nursing or screaming to be fed, I was ready to scream myself, so I asked my mum to bring a tub of formula round. I felt so guilty that I’d even thought about it and kept putting off giving her it. One day after she had drained both boobs, and was still wanting more and crying in frustration I made up a bottle and Mitch fed her. She took to it instantly and guzzled down 5 ounces, settled straight away and slept so well. It was bittersweet watching it, I loved seeing Mitch feed her and it was a weight off my shoulders but I felt so guilty for some reason…

So I give her the odd bottle when she’s going through growth spurts and constantly hungry or if were out and I can’t get anywhere private. Some days she has 2, other days she has none. I’m just taking it day by day and depending on how hungry she is, or what were doing that day. I hope it wont be reducing my milk supply massively, as she only has a bottle every now and then, mainly late morning as that’s when she seems to be most hungry!

Breastfeeding is tough and takes perseverance, but it is so easy in terms of not needing to worry about temperatures and sterilising. So here’s a few items I have been using to make life as easy as possible…

  • Tomme Tippee Closer to Nature complete feeding kit. This includes an electric steriliser and a bottle warmer. The steriliser has been amazing, it’s so simple to use and quick too. The set comes with loads of bottles, insulated bottle bags (which are amazing), powder dispensers and more. It’s on offer now in Mothercare too so have a look.
  • I mentioned this in one of my other posts but I give Ava-Mae a dose of Infacol before every bottle feed as bottle fed babies tend get more wind. This just helps to relieve it a bit and get it up easier.
  • Yoomi Self-Warming bottle – Obviously this is more of a luxury than a necessity because there are other ways of warming a bottle or keeping it warm when you’re on the go but it’s a really cool little bottle that has a heater inside thats rechargeable. The heater goes in the top part so the milk has to go through it to get out of the teat and it heats up the milk that way to a natural breast milk temperature. Great if you’re out a lot and might not be able to warm up your feed. They also have 20% off orders over £35 if you order today for Fathers Day.

I hope you enjoyed reading this update, thank you to those of you who messaged and commented on my photos asking how were getting on. I’ve also loved hearing from you who are going through the same or similar situations, it’s important to support and encourage each other. As guilty as I felt when I first gave her a bottle, I’ve now realised that I am doing the best I can, and that a happy mum = a happy baby. Do what works for you and your baby.

Love Lucy x

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