Snuggle Up

Since I’ve had Ava-Mae I’ve struggled with more aches and pains than when I was pregnant and a lot of that is shoulder pain from breastfeeding, especially as she was getting heavier and longer.

Snuggle Up sent me one of their award-winning nursing pillows to try out and I’m obsessed. It’s the perfect shape to tuck round your tummy and support your baby whilst breast or bottle feeding. I love it because you can nurse hands free so there’s no pressure on my back or shoulders when I use it and Ava seems to feed better and not fuss as much as she is at the perfect height and position.

Its lovely to prop babies up who aren’t able to sit themselves up yet too, Ava-Mae is at that stage where she’s wanting to be sat up and looking around so this is perfect for her. I just sit her on it in the middle of Mitch and I on the sofa. It can also be used for tummy time…

As you can see, she really loves it. It’s so soft too. I use it as a giant neck pillow sometimes! It’s great for supporting your back too if you place it round the bottom of your back when sitting. I don’t know about anyone else but carrying a baby round has really given me back ache!

They come in a range of colours and have nursing pillows ranging from £15 – £30, and they also have a range of different pregnancy pillows if you’re expecting. Check out their website to see all of their products or check out their Instagram @snuggleupltd

Happy snuggling!

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