Getting more sleep

I’ve had a lot of questions about Ava-Mae’s sleeping patterns. She’s 12 weeks old on Saturday (3 months ahhh where’s that gone?) and she’s been sleeping through most nights since about 9 1/2 weeks old.

Everyone asks me when did I start a routine, and advice on how to get their babies to do the same. If I’m totally honest I do just think we’ve been quite lucky as even in the first few weeks she only woke once or twice a night really. As she got older it dropped down to 1 and then one night she just slept right through.

Of course she doesn’t sleep through every night, some nights when it’s really hot she wakes a bit, or if she’s napped more than usual or if she’s going through a growth spurt or mental leap she will wake for a feed but generally she will go from any time in between 9:30/10:30 right until 6:30/7am.

Since she was about a month old I have done this little routine with her most nights. I bath her around 6pm, she likes to kick around and play in the bath which I think tires her out. I’ll then dry her and give her a little massage with Burts Bee’s baby nourishing lotion.

I like to read her a little story and sometimes breastfeed her for a bit if she’s hungry, then I usually head to the kitchen to make dinner and she will sit in her pram and just chatter and watch me cook, I’ll talk to her and make her laugh and often turn round and she will be asleep. I make her up a 6 oz bottle (of formula) and she will usually drink it all within 40 minutes or so. I’ve done this since she was about 9 weeks old. She’s been falling asleep around 9:30ish in her moses basket in the living room where she stays until we go to bed. I’ll carry her up with me around 10:30/11 and if she stirs a little I’ll breastfeed her (dream feed), if not I’ll put her straight in her cot, turn Ewan The Dream Sheep on, soothe her a little and that’s usually her for the night.

Like I said it doesn’t work every night but most nights it does. My tips would some sort of routine so that they know it’s time to wind down, whatever works for you and baby. A pitch black room that’s nice and cool (in this heat), and our trusty Ewan The Dream Sheep and Ava-Mae will usually sleep well. We also have a purflo nest for her which I really think having something like that helps massively, and he fact she sleeps in a Next2Me crib so is really close to me.

I hope this has cleared up any questions anyone has and I’m sorry if it was boring!

Thank you for reading and please let me know if you have any questions.

Love Lucy x

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