Mum Bod

This post is really personal but I wanted to be honest with you, as I have been honest about a lot of things so far. I also think it is important to talk about issues that are sometimes not openly discussed, because it’s not right that people feel ashamed or embarrassed about what they’re going through and how they’re feeling.

I suffered with bad eating habits and bad body image in my teenage years. I was lucky enough to get over it with a lot of help from friends, family, school councillors and a lot of time and patience. However it’s not something that will just go away and you will magically never have those negative thoughts again. I think they’ll always be there in the back of your mind, you just learn to overcome them and deal with them. Which I have.

Unfortunately, pregnancy brought back a lot of those thoughts and feelings to me. When your body is literally changing before your eyes and despite your best efforts your waist starts to thicken along with everything else on your body, it can be hard for any women, and for me it was something that sometimes reduced me to tears (may have been all the hormones though) and worry that I’d never be the same again.

I loved having a bump. Pregnancy has been a magical experience and I will be eternally grateful that I was able to carry a baby and have the most gorgeous little girl as a result of it. However, I think too many people are quick to judge mums or expectant mums who are struggling with their new bodies. I have seen so many comments on social media that make these women out to be ungrateful, when I am sure that is not the case – it certainly isn’t for me.

I would not change my body for anything, because of the precious gift it’s given me.

But that doesn’t change the fact that some days I do struggle to come to terms with my post-baby body. This isn’t me trying to get attention and fish for compliments, it’s me being open, honest and real. Don’t get me wrong I know I did bounce back quickly, I did work for it though. But it’s the things that are out of my control that can be hard to deal with, saggy boobs that now have stretch marks from breast feeding, the weak bladder despite doing all your pelvic floor exercises, hot sweats every day because your hormones are still all over the place, loose excess lower belly skin that just won’t go, hair falling out and thinning…and just your body being different in general to how it was for so many years.

I try to keep as positive as I can. I do not want my daughter to grow up around a Mum who is unhappy with her body and talks negatively of it. I don’t want to influence her in that way.

Instead I am eating as healthy as I can, I’m exercising as much as I can (as hard as that can be with a baby). I am learning to accept my body for how it is now and know that it’s still early days. I am appreciating it for all it’s done and how amazing it is. I grew and birthed a baby, it’s quite amazing really and I keep reminding myself of that whenever I get overwhelmed. It is okay to struggle though, it’s okay to talk to others about how you’re feeling, chances are they’re feeling similar too!

Thank you for reading, love Lucy x

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