My hopes for my daughter

Ava-Mae absolutely amazes me everyday and being her mum has made me the happiest person in the world. Looking at her and watching her grow these last 4 months have made me burst with pride. But becoming a mum has made me more aware of how cruel the world can be, and how much sadness there is around. Ava has only been in my life for a mere 15 weeks and already I would do anything to make her happy, and I would have since the moment I met her.

She’s such a happy, content little baby and seeing her smile pretty much all day every day makes me burst with pride. My mum always says to me ‘I hope she is always as happy as she is now’ and so do I. Of course she will experience hardship and sadness but I hope the majority of her life is happy.

Here are some of my hopes and dreams for her..

  1. I hope that she will always be happy and have fun.

I hope that she will always have happiness in her life and around her. I hope the decisions she ends up making will make her so happy she randomly smiles all day like she does now.

2. I hope that she will always be healthy.

Along with being happy, your health is one of the most important things in life. I hope she keeps herself fit and strong and eats as well as I will feed her whilst she still depends on me.

3. I hope she will always be herself.

I hope that unlike me, she won’t care what others think about her so much, and ask that question in her maths class or get up and dance to her favourite song at her school disco. I hope that she will be confident in herself and her abilities, and embrace who she will grow up to be and never change herself for anyone.

4. I hope she will find someone who makes her as happy as her daddy makes me. 

I was lucky enough to find my soulmate quite early on in life, someone who treats me like a queen day in and day out. I hope she find someone who does that for her, someone she can laugh with, cry with and build a life with. She deserves the best and someone who will love her for exactly who she is. I hope she finds that.

5. I hope she has wanderlust

I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a lot, and spending my childhood growing up in Thailand taught me a great deal about the world, and different cultures and religions. It also made me feel very comfortable with travelling and exploring new places. I hope Ava will love to travel and see new things. Travel is the best form of education in my opinion.

6. I hope she is kind to herself, and others.

I hope she’s not too hard on herself, I hope I can teach her to love and respect her body and her abilities. I hope I do a good job in teaching her to treat everyone as she would wish to be treated.

7. I hope she has a dream she will chase…

…And I hope it comes true!

8. I hope we will always be best friends.

I’m so close to my mum and always have been. We have such a great relationship and I can tell her anything, we also have so much fun together. I hope I have this with Ava-Mae, I hope she knows she can always come to me with anything.

9. I hope she knows how much I love her.

My love for her grows stronger everyday. It is such a pure, unconditional love and one that I’ve never experienced before. I will love her like this forever, no matter what. I would do anything for her and I will do everything I can to make sure she knows this.

I’m going to stop there before I run out of tears (why do babies make you so emotional?!) I can’t wait to read this to her one day when she’s old enough to understand. Thank you for reading. What are some of your hopes for your babies?

Love Lucy x

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