Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss

I thought I would write up a post about something I’ve been struggling with the last month or so…And that’s post pregnancy hair loss!

Now I’ve never been one to brush my hair daily like you’re meant to, so I was always used to losing a lot when I would wash it and eventually brush it then, however recently I’ve found I just leave trails of hair wherever I go. Every time I use a hair tie its got masses of hair wrapped round it when I take it out. If I roll up all of the hair I lose when I wash my hair its about the size of a golf ball! I had heard you lose a lot of hair but I never thought it would be this much!

I have thick hair, and quite a lot of it, so losing some isn’t too much of an issue for me. However, I seem to be losing it totally round by my temples (where you usually start receding.) This is massively knocking my confidence and something that makes me feel very uncomfortable at 23. I haven’t been wearing my hair in a top knot or pony tail like I like to, or even a messy ‘mum bun’, unless i can cover it.

Bad picture but it’s the only one I have (I took this the night I started using the tonic) and it was just a quick picture I sent to a friend

I’ve started using Plantur 39 Phtyo Caffeine Tonic a couple of weeks ago in the mornings and evenings and I do think it is starting to help with the regrowth. The tonic has an active ingredient in it that protects the hair root from early exhaustion of hair growth. I know it is designed for woman beginning the menopause but my mum suggested I tried it and I am glad I did. Hair is already beginning to grow back there, yes its fine and short but I feel it doesn’t look as harsh and bald as it did a month or so ago. I put the tonic where I have actually lost hair above my temples and then zig zag the nozzle through my parting and massage it all in.

I didn’t take many before pics but I never expected the tonic to work so fast but before I started using it, this patch was completely bald and there was no fluffy fine hair growing there, as you can see from the first image.

They have a shampoo and conditioner also but I only use the tonic, I may use the shampoo and conditioner. If you’ve used it and recommend it then let me know. On top of using the Plantur 39 tonic I have been putting as little tension and stress on my hair as possible, so either having it down, or in a really lose bun or pony tail. I’ve also not been putting any heat on it so not blow drying, straightening, curling, etc and no dyes/colours. So basically being as gentle and as kind to it as possible.

Hair loss is not a nice thing, whatever your age or gender and when you’ve just had a baby and have a million and one other things to think about and never enough time to do your hair as it is, trying to fight hair loss is not something you want to be worrying about. But it happens and it’s more common than you’d think, so if you’re suffering too feel free to pop me a message – I’d love to chat. Or if you have any great tips ,I’d love to know and try them out!

Thanks for reading.

Love Lucy x

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