5 Months Ago Today…

I woke up not in the greatest of moods, Ava-Mae slept through but I woke every hour so I was quite tired. The house was a mess and I needed to do loads of house work. I showered, got myself and Ava dressed and threw on a pair of my old skinny jeans.

The minute I put them on my mood went from bad to worse. I know most people have to do that weird jumping/squatting thing to get into a pair of skinny jeans, but this old pair was taking the mick.

I got them on and headed out for a walk, getting more and more irritated with each step. ‘Why are they so uncomfortable? Why are they itchy? Why do I feel so huge in these jeans?’

I got home, pulled them off and grabbed another pair that were a different brand, these fit perfectly despite being the same size? I know brands sizing all come up different but still a little annoyed I made a cup of tea and a notification popped up on my phone….’5 months ago today’ …..

It made me smile and my bad mood disappeared instantly. No wonder my body has changed, I grew a human! My thighs have grown, as have my hips and bum, and I have a beautiful baby to show for it. Why spend my days in a bad mood because one pair of jeans don’t fit like they used to?

I’m one of the worst people for worrying about the size of the clothes I’m wearing, when I should really learn to stop worrying about it and embracing my body for what it has done. Those jeans have been folded up and put to the very back of my wardrobe!

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