A day in the life of us

In all the polls and things I’ve done on my Instagram stories, this post is one of my most requested. I wish I could vlog this for you, but I just haven’t got round to that yet. Hopefully it’ll come one day soon. But I’m going to give you a little insight into a typical day at home for us, obviously everyday is totally different, some days we go out to see friends or play groups, and I don’t have a super strict routine with Ava but here we go…

7am: Ava will wake up usually for a feed anytime around here, I’ll breastfeed her for a bit and most of the time she will go back down for an hour or so. Realistically I should get up and shower and get ready now when she’s asleep but I always doze back off.

8/8:30am: She will wake back up and want another quick breastfeed. We then get up go downstairs and Ava-Mae will have a little play in her pram or highchair with some toys whilst I warm her up a bottle and make myself a cup of tea.

8:30/9am: We go into the living room for her bottle, I’ll watch Morning TV/the news and catch up on social media, emails, etc. Then its play time, Ava will roll herself silly all round the living room.

9/9:30: I’ll get Ava washed and dressed for the day.

Ava will start getting a bit grumpy around 2 hours after she woke up, so I will get her in her pram and we will go out to walk the dog to the park. She will fall asleep in her pram and I’ll throw the ball for Rolo. We then head back home and Ava will usually stay asleep for 30 minutes or so in her pram whilst I’ll have some breakfast and most of the time do some washing.

11/11:30am: Another bottle and then more playing. Ava is now happy entertaining herself for a bit especially now she’s sitting up, so I can try tidy up a little, do a bit of house work. It’s amazing how much you can get done in 10 minutes when you don’t usually have the time!

12: If we’re going out I will usually go now, often Mitch and I like to have a walk into town for a coffee or to get some bits in for dinner. We do this about 3 days of the week, he works late most evenings so it’s something nice for us to do together. If Mitch is at work, I usually just walk to the shops and get what I need in, or just for a look out. I tend to walk everywhere I can with the pram. Ava always drifts off to sleep too.

12:30 Once were home and she’s woken back up, she’s happy sat in her pram or highchair now, and watches me make some lunch for myself, and Mitch if he’s in.

1/1:30pm: I’ll usually nip back out with the dog for a little bit now and Ava, to let him have a little run around. When I get back in I’ll make myself a cup of tea and just enjoy some peace. As I’ve usually done the jobs I’ve wanted to do round the house in the morning I’ve been sitting out in the garden and enjoying the warm weather we are still having here!

2/3pm: Back to the living room, usually with another cup of tea for me, or a diet coke (my bad habit I usually have one a day). Between playing with Ava and catching up on series I am watching at the moment (and by watching I mean just playing in the background) I try to write up blog posts, check and reply to any more emails I have.

3/4: Another bottle for Ava, she will often fall asleep after her bottle, I just let her sleep on me for this. I just enjoy this peaceful 40 minutes or so. Some days I’ll put her down and do some exercise, I’m following a fabulous programme at the minute called Love Your Core (I’ll do a separate post on it soon)

5/5:30: Once she’s woken up, we go back into the kitchen and I start preparing dinner. Ava is obsessed with Rolo now so she will sit in her highchair and just stare and shout at him.

6/6:30: When dinner is prepped and I’ve done what I’ve needed to do, I take Ava-Mae upstairs and run a bath. I love doing bath time, we use lots of bubbles (at the moment I’m using the Child’s Farm bubble bath & Aveeno baby body wash) and have lots of bath toys, I put music on and we just have fun splashing around.

We have fun after too, I always give her a little massage (Aveeno Baby moisturiser) before dressing her. It’s something I’ve done since she was a baby. Once she’s dressed she plays on her rug and I put her teddies and things on the floor for her to play with, whilst I tidy up a bit or usually get into my pyjamas!

7/7:30: I’ll take Ava into the living room, put her in her rocker and put on some baby TV, she’s generally happy for about 20 minutes. So I quickly start/finish/continue dinner in the kitchen and make her a bottle. Mitch gets in around this time most days.

8/8:30: Once Ava has had her bottle, she sometimes goes straight to sleep around 8:30. So myself or Mitch will take her up to our room and she sleeps in a next to me crib at the minute. Once she’s settled we will have dinner together. If he’s in later I’ll eat earlier but I like to try to eat together.

It’s a bit sad, but for the last month or so we’ve been going straight to bed pretty much as soon as we’ve had dinner, we’ll watch a series or a movie in bed (usually with tea and biscuits) and I love it! It feels so nice getting into bed that early.

Sometimes Ava will stir and I’ll breastfeed her back to sleep, or sometimes her dad just wants to cuddle and mess around with her a bit if he hasn’t seen a lot of her. After that she will sleep through till the next day.

I don’t stress that she’s not in bed for bang on 7:30 or whatever, she’s still not on solids so I can’t expect her to sleep for that amount of time. I’m lucky she rarely wakes through the night so I get a full night sleep the majority of the time. It works for us, and by letting her decide when she wants to sleep, she gets to spend some time with Mitch in the evening if he’s been out all day. Every day varies and sometimes if we’ve been to playgroup she will go to sleep at 7:30 for the night, but at the minute I tend to let her decide when she’s ready for bed, whilst she’s this young at least.

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