Weaning Plan

Where does the time go? Ava-Mae is 6 months old in 2 days. I cant believe it. If you’ve been watching my Instagram stories and seen my Weaning highlights, you’ll know for the last week or so I have been giving Ava a few things to try. I gave her some baby rice and she hated it (not surprised its awful) so after lots of recommendations on Instagram, I tried her with Aptamil Creamed Banana porridge the next morning and she couldn’t get enough of it. Since then, I’ve been giving her a few spoonfuls every morning along with her usual morning bottle. I started in the mornings so that if anything bothered her, we wouldn’t be up all night. Yesterday afternoon I tried giving her an Annabel Karmel organic pouch (strawberry, banana and apple puree), which she loved. They’re currently on offer for 69p in Home Bargains if you want to give them a try.

Every baby is different and every parent is different, so I’m not saying my way is right or that my ‘plan’ will actually go to plan. I plan to keep up with the porridge in the mornings, I am going to try a few different flavours (they do blueberry and apricot). Then I bought the Ella’s Kitchen: the First Food’s Book: The Purple One, there’s a weaning plan in there for the first 2 weeks, they say aim to try a new flavour of veg everyday which is what I am going to do. I love this book, it’s so easy to follow and really straight forward. It takes you from 6 months right up to a year ago, and theres over 160 recipes in there. I will follow this book loosely, I can’t stick to strict routines, I don’t have a strict routine for Ava with anything and I never have. All I know is I want to make it fun, and for Ava to enjoy as many foods as possible. I plan on feeding her purees for the first 4-6 weeks and then I may try a bit of baby led weaning, the thought of that so early on scares me a little to be honest, but it will be fun when she’s a little older.

So this is what I am aiming to do…In a while when we have established weaning I will do a follow up of what actually happened and anything we discovered, and any amazing tips I have for you. But I just want to show you all the products I will be using, a lot of these were very kindly gifted but they’re all fantastic.

The highchair we will and have been using was sent to us by BabyBjorn. I am obsessed with this highchair, I think it is the coolest, sleekest highchair I have every seen. Ava seems to love it and has already had hours of fun (and terrorising the dog) sat in it, it’s suitable from 6 months right the way to 3 years old, it’s really easy to transport and cleans like a dream (very important!). You can see more here. 

Vital Baby sent us a lovely little package of weaning essentials, their items are so affordable. We have been using their soft tip weaning spoons (you’ll have seen them on my stories), they do a pack of 5 for only £3.29, I couldn’t recommend these more, they’ve been great. I have their Prep and Go Food pots, they come in a pack of 4 for £6.29 and they’re a great size. Not too big, not too small and great for throwing in your bag when your out and about. We also have their Unbelievabowl travel suction bowls, they come with a lid and spoons. They are perfect for when baby starts feeding themselves and they have suction cups on the bottom of the bowls so they can’t be thrown off the table – genius!

Next up are these feeding bibs. My auntie got these for Ava from M&S and they will be perfect when she feeds herself and things get really messy. Especially great when you’re out and your baby might be dressed in a really nice outfit. A must have, particularly if you’re doing baby led weaning.

I’ve mentioned it already, but the Ella’s Kitchen: The First Foods book is something I highly recommend, it was a pull out weaning chart too which I think is a nice touch and keepsake too. Get yours here.

Lastly is this steamer blender that we were sent from Tommee Tippee, I haven’t used this yet but I have heard only good things. It’s suitable for steaming and blending meat, fish, veg and fruit and I am so excited to get started using it! I love the idea of this because although practical and great when out and about, you can never be too sure of whats in pouches, jars etc. At least with this I will know exactly what she is having.

And there we have it. If you have any tips before we properly start, please let me know. I would love to hear them.

Love Lucy x

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