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Pregnancy and labour certainly takes it’s toll on your body, and I’m not just talking about stretch marks and mum tums. When you’re pregnant the words ‘pelvic floor’ get thrown around a lot, and you suddenly spend a lot of time worrying about how to strengthen these muscles you’d never even thought about before.

If you’re not 100% sure what your pelvic floor muscles are, it’s basically all the muscles, ligaments and tendons that support your bladder, uterus, vagina and rectum. As you can imagine, when you’re pregnant, your pelvic floor is under a lot of pressure. I for one struggled with a bit of a weak bladder after I had Ava-Mae…well I did, not so much anymore.

I was very kindly asked to review Jacqui Jackson’s Love Your Core – Post Natal 6 week course. It’s aimed at mums (new or not so new), who want to reconnect with their body, mainly their core and pelvic floor muscles after having a baby. Chances are the pelvic floor exercise you were told to do after giving birth, you weren’t doing them properly or they weren’t explained properly! I certainly wasn’t doing them efficiently. If you’re suffering with urinary stress incontinence like I was, this is perfect for you. Check out the website here to see what else this course have help with.

This isn’t a ‘get quick fit’ programme or an ‘abs in 60 seconds’ course. There’s no crazy burpees or mountain climbers, no running or jumping, it’s all about strength and teaching your body to move and support itself in movements you do everyday, especially as a Mum. Jacqui emails you a link with an hour long workout that increases in difficulty each week. There’s no stress though, if you’re struggling with a workout, you can have back to the week before. Jacqui is available via email to talk through any concerns you have, she is so helpful! The workouts are brilliant, I sometimes did them twice a week if I found the time. You are also sent a 10 minute homework workout, so you can squeeze that in as and when you can (during nap times, etc).

Each week I felt myself getting stronger, particularly my core, and I found myself doing the pelvic floor exercises I had been taught in the course, in my every day life without even thinking about it. By week 4, I was no longer suffering with urinary stress incontinence. This was my main goal when I started this course. I was very lucky with a good pregnancy, and quick labour with no complications, which may have helped me recover so quickly, however I think however badly you’re suffering, the course and the exercises you do will help you, no matter what.

On top of the workouts, Jacqui also sends you all the equipment you need, resistance bands, etc, along with a nutrition guide you can follow if you like, self care tips, and she phones you to chat through any medical concerns and any worries you may have, and as I mentioned before regular email or phone support through the 6 weeks. You get all of this for £80, and the course will be available to you for a year so you can keep going back to it.

I can’t recommend this enough. When you’re a Mum you often forget about your own needs, but it is so important to take care of yourself and your body. Do this for yourself, your body deserves it. I will do this course again if I was to have another baby, it’s helped me feel so much stronger and I feel so much makes confident in my body, particularly my bladder. Here’s how you can enroll on to the course.

Thank you to Jacqui for helping me get back to myself! Let me know if you decide to do this course too, you won’t regret it.

Love Lucy x

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