Owlet Smart Sock

I can’t tell you how many times I wake through the night to check on Ava-Mae, checking she’s still breathing and if she’s okay. It’s something I’ve done every night since she was born and sometimes wake up panicking and worried if I haven’t checked on her for a while. She’s always been a pretty good (and quiet sleeper), which sometimes adds to my worry as she can go hours without making a sound. 

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been using the Owlet Smart Sock, that we were kindly gifted. This clever little Smart Sock tracks your babies heart rate and oxygen levels whilst they sleep and notifies you through your smartphone and a base station if the levels were to fall outside the preset zones. It will even notify your phone if levels fall out of preset zones. The base station glows green if levels are all okay and will sound an audible notification and change colours if levels change. It’s an incredible piece of technology, and an absolute must have if you’re a worrier like me. It’s also used by Khloe Kardashian and Jessica Alba! 

Knowing Ava’s heart rate and oxygen levels are being constantly tracked throughout the night is just such a peace of mind, especially now we’ve started moving her into her own room. I had visions of myself running backwards and forwards across the landing all night checking on her, but with live readings being sent to my smartphone throughout the night, I have been sleeping soundly with the Base Station on my bedside. 

The fabric sock itself is soft and comfortable, Ava doesn’t even try to pull it off like she does with normal socks – I don’t think she even realises it’s on. You get 3 different size socks which between them will fit your baby from birth up to about 25lbs. The Smart Sock can be worn on both the left and right foot too! I’ve also spent a lot of time just exploring the app, there’s fun facts, guidelines, tutorials and the most fantastic support team to help with any queries you may have, there’s even a live chat function on the app! 

Never would I ever have thought a Smart Sock would become such an important aspect of my babies sleep and give me such a peace of mind. But it’s truly an incredible piece of equipment and is nothing but professional. From the fantastic technology and support to the beautiful, luxurious packaging, if you are going to invest in anything sleep related for your little one, it should be the Owlet Smart Sock! It is pricey, but worth every single penny, you can pay in instalments too which is fantastic and I highly doubt you will regret it.  

Thank you so much Owlet for such a wonderful, helpful gift. I will be using this for a long long time and from the day I bring home any other babies I have, it is definitely the best baby product I have ever used and is finally getting me back to more relaxed and peaceful nights sleep.

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