Weaning Update – Baby Led

So a lot has changed since my last weaning blog over a month ago. I decided to change completely to baby led weaning, despite my fears and worries of her choking, her not getting enough because she would throw everything on the floor and the mess as a result of that but we weren’t getting ANYWHERE with a spoon and purees so I just went for it. And I am so glad I did. She’s 10 months now and I’m really pleased with her progress.

She’s gone from barely eating anything except sweet things (yogurts, fruit purees, etc) on a spoon to eating basically anything I put down in front of her, and a lot of it. I didn’t really do much research to be honest, I just read up on a couple of ideas for meals and went right in. Meal times can be long, but at the moment we have nothing but time so why not let her explore and enjoy foods by herself rather than me trying to force food down her with a spoon and both ending up in tears.

Here’s a rough breakdown of what she eats and drinks in a day:

Breakfast (8-9): Ava loves water, she drinks quite a lot from her sippy cup whist I prepare breakfast. On days we have no plans and don’t need to rush I will make her porridge. I have to mix it with a yogurt in order for her to let me feed her it. Anyone else having these problems let me know! Other days she will have toast cut into soldiers and a fruit salad for after (usually mangoes, kiwi, strawberries, melons) all chopped up or a banana. She also loves sausages if were having them!

About 30 minutes to an hour later she will have a 6 ounce bottle, she doesn’t always finish it depending on how much she drank at breakfast.

Lunch (12:30-1:30): Ava likes scrambled eggs for lunch, I just mix one egg with a bit of grated cheese and scramble it so its still in quite large chunks so she can pick it up easily. I usually chop up a few cherry tomatoes and some ham for her too and another slice of toast if she didn’t have one for breakfast. Or some baked beans – be prepared for one hell of a mess)

After that she will have another 6 ounce bottle before a nap.

Dinner (5:30-6:30): Often I will do her what were having if were eating earlier on but generally it is steamed sweet potatoes (peeled and sliced into fingers) , steamed veg (brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, peas, or whatever we have in) and some meat or fish. Ava loves cod fillets at the moment. I’ve been buying bags of frozen 100% cod fillets and just taking them out to cook in the oven as they can be cooked from frozen and it’s so easy. If I’m short of time she loves tinned tuna, or chicken. Or if were out, i just give her a bit of what were having, she will generally eat anything.

She has an 8 ounce bottle about an hour after dinner before bed. Between meals she will also have some snacks like biscotti, melty puffs from Ellas Kitchen, banana, avocado on rice cakes and things like that. She snacks more if were out and about as she can get a bit grumpy sat in the pram or a highchair if she’s not eating.

Her bottles vary, yesterday she barely drank any milk and other days she wants more milk than food. I try not to worry about it too much and just take each day as it comes. Many of you asked me if I still worry about choking, and the answer is not really. Of course I always watch her when she’s eating but I don’t worry like I used to at first, Ava is a really good eater now and if she ever puts too much food in her mouth she always spits it back out rather than panicking.

I’m going to go answer the questions I was asked on my Instagram stories below if I didnt answer it above.

Simple foods to begin with: Mashed avocado, scrambled eggs, peas (I used to pop them at first for her), mashed banana, steamed veg, and I know they’re not the greatest but I think letting Ava have the wafers, melty puffs, etc made for babies helped her with self feeding.

Quick & easy lunches for on the go: I often cook scrambled egg for her if were going out and put it in a container with ham and tomatoes, as I know she will eat it. I know lots of people take pitta breads with things like hummus, etc. I sometimes buy quiches and take a slice for her as she enjoys that and its easy to transport. Although now I’ve started ordering for her from the kids menu and just cutting it up, she had a ham and cheese toastie the other day.

Do’s and Dont’s: DONT stress and overthink too much. At the start I worried and panicked about everything. Now that I’m more relaxed about it I find it so much more enjoyable and Ava eats so much. This morning she had a bowl of porridge, a yogurt, a slice of toast, a fruit salad and then some of my sausage that I was having!! Then some mornings she doesn’t want much, just enjoy it.

A lot have asked for recipes but as she does baby led I don’t really make her meals like curries etc, instead I just give her separate ingredients to feed herself. So a portion of meat or fish, steamed veg and a carb like some pasta or rice or potato. If she ever lets me feed her I’ll put up some recipes. Lots of you asked how to make the fish cakes and I do this: boil sweet potatoes and peas, mash them all up with tinned tuna, spring onion and some grated cheese, then make them into little cakes and fry slowly till brown – simple!! You can use whatever you want in them though.

How to ensure variety: I make sure every meal includes either fruit or veg. I buy the packs of mixed veg and give her a bit each day and that’s her little bag for however long it lasts. Rather than a traditional desert I give her fresh fruit after dinner. She has fish about 3 times a week too. When we’re out she often has what I’m having, I don’t make it hard work as I don’t want her to be fussy with foods.

I had quite a few more questions but I think I covered most of them in the actual blog, but of course if I didn’t answer your question please feel free to message me again and I’ll happily get back to you.

I absolutely love the difference in Ava-Mae and her appetite since changing to baby led, it’s really not as scary and daunting as I originally thought. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on weaning and how your getting on so please feel free to comment below.

I was going to include my weaning must haves and reviews of different products but I think it would be way too long, so I’m writing up a separate post that should be up in the next couple of days!

Thanks for reading,

Love Lucy x



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