6 – 12 months must haves

As Ava-Mae is 1 in less than a month!!! I thought I would do a 6 -12 month must haves blog post in case any of your babies are in that bracket or coming up to 6 months and would like to know about some of the products we love!

Some of the items in here have been gifted but if featured it means I genuinely like them and use them often , I will state if they’ve been gifted. Some links will also be affiliate links but I will also let you know if they are 🙂

Angel Care Bath Seat: I absolutely love this! I blogged about the bath support for 0-6 months previously and when Ava outgrew that one I quickly bought this. It takes up so space, is comfortable for the baby and I gives you two free hands at bath time! Definitely recommend. Affiliate link.

BabyBjorn Highchair: By far my favourite weaning item. It’s so stylish and easy to use. A lot of other highchairs I’ve used I’ve found quite difficult as you have to sit them in the chair and babies aren’t the easiest to plonk in something especially if they’re wriggling like Ava. The tray just clips down so you can just sit your baby straight on the chair then clip the table part back up to secure them in. What I also love about this is that the tray is detachable for easy cleaning and it fits snug against their tummy which prevents Ava from slumping like she does in other high chairs. It’s pricey but well worth it, it can be adjusted to fit your child up to 3 years old. It folds away very compact too! Gifted & Affiliate link.

Sleeping Bags: Ava sleeps in a sleeping bag every night, it makes her feel much more snug and secure and I never worry like I would with a blanket. You can get these everywhere really but The Gro Company do great ones. The one Ava has on in this photo is from T K Maxx. I’m sure everyone has a sleeping bag but I included it as it’s a must have for us!

Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender: I was so excited to use this! I’d heard such great things about it. I set it all up and tried it, and steamed and blended some vegetables to try with Ava, only for her to spit it back out and then totally refuse it. I tried a couple more nights with the same, to get the same response. I quickly gave up on purées and moved on to baby led weaning as she just wanted to feed herself chunks of food. So sadly this never got the use I wanted to get out of it. What I will say though from the times I have used it was that it was so simple to use, it comes with a great little manual that gives you steaming and blending times of different foods for different age groups/consistencies. I loved the idea of using this as steaming keeps all the vegetables nutrients in and you would know exactly what’s in your babies food unlike buying pouches. I wish Ava did like puree as I feel like she skipped a whole stage completely! But she’s doing so well now with baby led I can’t complain. It’s also fairly compact so doesn’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen and looks nice too. If your baby likes puree and you want to do it from scratch, this is perfect for you! Gifted & Affiliate link.

Ashton’s & Parsons and Anbesol: I had to put these in here. They have been lifesavers in our house when it comes to teething. Ava struggles badly in the night when her teeth are cutting through and giving her both of these are the difference between a night of screaming or a more peaceful night. We get both of these at Home Bargains, the Ashton’s & Parsons can be a bit fiddly as it’s powder but I hear they’re doing a gel version so I’m going to keep an eye out!

SmarTrike SmarTfold 700: I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of this trike on my feed and stories. Ava-Mae absolutely loves it and so do I. I know whenever I take her out on there won’t be any tantrums unlike sometimes when we take her out in the pram. We go out on it most days, she loves going out to walk the dog in it because she can see him running and will throw his ball for him. Whether you get this trike or a different one, I highly recommend getting one for your baby as they love it! It’s so much more fun than going out in the pram as they think they’re driving it. I love our SmarTrike one though and we always get compliments on it, it’s really smooth and sturdy and will do Ava until she’s about 3 years old. Gifted & Affiliate.

And lastly…eyes at the back of your head! Seriously, they don’t stay still past 6 months. And the odd glass of wine (for you of course) when it all gets too much! 😂

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