Flying with a baby

I am by no means an expert when it comes to travelling with a baby. I’ve only flown the once with Ava-Mae, but we did travel about 18 hours spread over 3 flights so I think I do have some good advice and tips to give. Originally I had planned to write a blog before we flew about what I’d packed etc but think it’s much better this way.

So we flew a few days before her first birthday, I wanted to get her a trunki type hand luggage case at first, but figured she’s too young and it would just be extra baggage for us to carry (she wouldn’t be carrying it herself). Instead she shared a hand luggage pull along with Mitch as he barely packs hand luggage. I would consider this especially if you’re travelling long distance. The last thing we would have needed would have been an extra hand luggage to drag along in 4 different airports, along with a clingy baby who wanted carrying.

Secondly I packed way too much stuff in her hand luggage, we barely touched any of it. I packed bag fulls of snacks, I think we may have opened one bag of biscottis that she threw on the floor and that was the only bag we opened. I also got new toys for her, similar to toys she already has and enjoyed playing with. Again, she barely used them. She was more interested in the seat belts, the tv, our glasses, our food, other people. Basically everything you don’t want them to touch or be interested in haha. But it kept her occupied. I packed cartons of baby food, we asked the air hostess to warm one up for us on the plane and she just wasn’t interested. Instead she picked bits off our plates and did the same at the airport. I think there was just too much going on, too many new things to look at for her to be interested in food. She did however enjoy her milk…

Before we set off I was so confused about the milk situation when travelling. I was advised by lots of you on Instagram to order online to the deliver to the Boots at our airport so we could collect ready made pots of milk once we’d been through security. I considered this and after ringing the airline we’re flying with, which was Emirates, they said we may have difficulties at Dubai and Bangkok airport with this. (So for those of you going on only one flight, this would be perfect though.) She told me we could bring as much formula powder as we like and could just get boiled water on the plane. I eventually decided to just bite the bullet and pack our sterilised bottles with boiled water in them (6 ounces – so well over the typical 100ml you’re allowed.) I thought what’s the worst that could happen, they ask me to pour it away? And I go back to our original plan of getting water on the plane, etc. To my surprise, they just took all the bottles of water and tested them in some machine, and gave them all back and said that’s fine go on through. The same happened in Dubai, and Bangkok. They May ask you to taste the water in some places but to be honest, I couldn’t believe just how accommodating airports were when it came to travelling with a baby. Now we may have just been lucky, maybe the airport you’re flying from wouldn’t allow this. But it’s worth a try? And if it works, it’s a lot less hassle and stress for you.

If I can offer one main piece of advice it would be to relax and try not to overthink. Babies pick up on how you’re feeling so if you’re relaxed, baby will be relaxed (mostly). Ava really didn’t eat much, I was worried, and she didn’t eat much the first few days here but 2 weeks in and she’s eating more than ever. They adapt well.

Pack plenty of spare clothes, they get so mucky flying. I kept my watch on UK time till we got to Koh Samui, so I knew exactly what she was thinking and feeling. When it was our night flight and I knew she’d be getting tired I changed her into a baby grow and I put her in the sky cot. Not that she fit, she was way too big for it.

She slept on me after I took this photo.

Pack disposable bibs. For the flight and the holiday. They’re so easy and cheap. We got loads from Home Bargains. I think they were about 60p for 12.

We were worried about take off and landing and how it would affect her ears, but it didn’t bother her at all. Our Health Visitor suggested getting her to drink her bottle at these times if it bothered her, so it’s worth a try if it affects your little one.

And when all else fails…hit the wine! Haha only joking, but it does help relax you a little. But really just try to enjoy it, I guarantee you’re over worrying and over thinking. Happy Holidays!

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