We’re Expecting Baby Number 2…

We’re so so happy to announce we’re expecting baby number 2!

I always wanted to have another that will be close in age to Ava-Mae so they can grow up together and I think this will be the perfect age gap. I’m due in March so there will be roughly 23 months between them.

I’m finally starting to feel more myself and my nausea has died down. The few months I’ve felt pretty grim, nauseous all the time, so tired, heartburn, headaches, no motivation and hunger like I’ve never had before!

I know Ava is going to be such a gorgeous big sister. She’s really lovely with any other newborns she’s been around so I’m so excited for her to have a little brother or sister. Obviously she doesn’t understand what’s going on right now but I’m hoping over the next few months I can start to prepare her for what’s about to happen.

I’m also really excited to get back into blogging again, I have been pretty MIA on my blog and Instagram but I will be blogging all throughout my second pregnancy and sharing any tips I hopefully pick up along the way. I already know this pregnancy is going to be more difficult than my first one as I now have a toddler to run around after and can’t just relax and take it as easy as I’d like too, but I think I’m finding a good balance.

Let me know if you have any questions about my pregnancy so far?

Love Lucy x

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