Second Baby Worries

I always knew I wanted two babies close together in age. There’s only 14 months between my younger sister and I and we grew up so close, and I really wanted that for Ava. And it’s another little girl so they really will be the best of friends. However I must admit now that it’s actually happening and the weeks are coming in thick and fast, I am a little nervous.

It doesn’t help that every man and his dogs tells you ‘ohhh you’re going to have your work cut out’ – yes I know that – I’m not having 2 close together because it’s going to be easy. I know that initially it’s going to be tough, but in the long run I think it will be easier having two little best friends that will play together and entertain each other…hopefully!

My main worry is having to share myself out. Newborns are so needy and dependent and I plan on breastfeeding again, I may go to combination feeding after a couple of months but breastfeeding often means hours of cluster feeds. I already feel guilty for Ava, will she understand? Will she be jealous? Will she feel pushed out? I plan to make sure we have something fun planned each day for Ava though, like soft play, trampolining or a play group, and farms and parks when the weather starts to warm up a month or so after she’s born. I know my family will be a great help though and brilliant with Ava when they visit, plus Mitch’s season will finish at the end of April so we will have two months off with him. Good timing hey? It was the same with Ava and it was so lovely to have two whole months off together to bond and just have another extra pair of hands to help, god knows I’ll need it this time.

And then there’s the practicality side of it all. I know I’ll get the hang of it but I struggle with just Ava sometimes. The other day I drove into town, there was no parent and child bays so I reversed into a normal one (with great difficulty, and thinking it was for the best). I went to get the pram out of the boot only to realise I had no space to get it out either side of the car, basically I was blocked in. I had to get back in the car, drive forward, get the pram out and put it on the curb for a second whilst I reversed back in, then get Ava out and into the pram. And I had the same carry on when I was packing up to go home. Talk about baby brain!

I have also been told my many…your second baby won’t be as well behaved as your first! Ava was a dream newborn, we had little to no breast feeding problems, she slept great … till she hit about 12 months haha but as a newborn she was brilliant. She barely cried, she was just such a happy, content little lady. My parents don’t believe this theory and have told me not to worry, but so many other mums have said it’s true. I know every baby is different and I’m not expecting it all to be roses, I just hope that she is as happy, healthy and content as Ava was and is.

Are any of you feeling the same or did you whilst you were expecting your second? Any advice? My next blog will be about how I am preparing Ava to be a big sister and the steps I am taking to hopefully make it a smooth transition once baby number 2 arrives.

Lots of love,

Lucy x

2 thoughts on “Second Baby Worries

  1. Wow I can relate to this soooo much!!! I have a 9 month old daughter and my son is due in April so 13 months between them. Shes a diamond baby, never had any problems but I swear people just want to worry you and say your second wont be the same!! I try not to listen to what others say cause alot of the time its negative. It’s all exciting and so amazing to have children so close in age. Will defo be a god send when they’re older and can keep each other entertained! Xxx

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